Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Batman: Eternal #24 Review

Written by: Ray Fawkes
Art by: Andy Clarke
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: September 23, 2014

Spoilers Ahead

Of all the Batman: Eternal plots that have neglected, the Stephanie Brown/Spoiler story has been the one I want more of.  Seriously, fans had been yelling for Stephanie since the beginning of the New 52 and now that DC has given in, they are really taking their time with her.  This issue rectifies that situation in a big way with a heavy does of Spoiler with a side of Cluemaster.  It isn't my favorite issue of Eternal, but it pushes the story ahead in a pretty fun way.

The issue starts with Hush pissed off at Cluemaster.  He wants Stephanie dead and has given the task to good, old Cluemaster.  Since he's the worst Father ever, he agrees.  I am not a huge Hush fan, but man I loves me some Cluemaster.  He's a walking guilty pleasure with his ridiculous outfit and half baked ideas and schemes.  What he doesn't have is good observational skills because he doesn't see his daughter watching everything from the rafters.

We get a very brief look at Batman dealing with trouble and leaning on Penny One for Intel, but this is a Spoiler issue through and through.  The Cluemaster is hot on her trail, but Stephanie gives a little lesson on when it's time to fight and when it's time to run.  In this issue, the running option works best.  However, running doesn't mean being scared or giving up.  No, Stephanie shows that she can out think her Dad in such a cool way that stresses how clever she really is.  The issue ends with Cluemaster heading to Jail and Stephanie declaring (to herself) that she's just getting started.  It took long enough!

As a fan of Stephanie Brown (and Spoiler), I enjoyed this issue.  It may not have been the best one yet, but it was a boat load of fun.  If Stephanie Brown becomes Robin, I'll be pretty happy.  If she doesn't, I hope she sticks somewhere else.

Andy Clarke does a good job on art this issue.  I love the Cluemaster's look, but Stephanie steals the spotlight.  In fact, everything looked pretty great this issue.  The standout panel was Batman standing in front of one of those "magical" paintings that you have to stare at for long amounts of time to "get" it.

Editor's Note:  I hate those paintings.  I could stare at them for days and still never figure it out.  Batman does make a really funny comment while standing there, however.

Bits and Pieces:

Overall this was a pretty fun issue.  We finally get to see Spoiler in action and in the end, she was impressive.  Who knows what the next issue will be about, but I hope it's got more Spoiler. Recommended.


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