Friday, September 26, 2014

Top 5 Fridays: Top 5 DC Characters That Are Perfect For TV

With the recent announcement about Supergirl getting her own television show, I realized what a great time it is to be a superhero fan.  Eventually the program guide on your television will look like someone's collection of back issues at an estate sale and I'm not ashamed to say that I love living in a world I could only dream of as a child.  Yes with all these superhero shows we might have the issue of oversaturation, but nothing is going to stop that until the entertainment big wigs squeeze every damn dime out of the property and then kick it to the wayside.  That's just entertainment and it's been that way since sequels and syndication were created and who are we to stop them?  Well maybe we could stop them, but damn are we to lazy after sitting around and watching our favorite superheroes on the big and small screens all day.  This is kind of getting away from me here, all I wanted to say was that with Supergirl getting a show at some point, it made me think of all the other DC properties that would just be perfect to make their way onto the small screen and really not interfere with any DC movie universe that may or may not come down the line.  It's all up to whether or not people flock to Batman V, Superman: Dawn of Justice the way they flocked to Avengers.  It's really strange to think that they wouldn't, but man are people hating for hate sake on the interwebs.  Okay time to quit rambling and get to this week's Top 5 DC Characters That Are Perfect For TV.  Let's check it out.

#5.  Legion of Superheroes

Now I don't know about you but when I hear something is going to be made into a series on the Syfy channel I usually cringe and forget about it entirely, because Syfy doesn't have the best track record for making quality.  With that said, I want to completely go against it because I think if Legion of Superheroes were produced and aired on Syfy it might actually be something really good.  It would be good for the series and good for the fans of Syfy that have been wishing for awhile that the station would actually get back to......... well Sci Fi.  So imagine having a series that takes place in the 31st Century and has all these interesting characters and high tech nonsense while still incorporating DC Comics history as their actual history.  It would be something really great that wouldn't need to rely on Justice League characters, but if it wanted to have a name drop from time to time it could.  Now if this actually came to pass, Syfy would probably fuck it up and try to do it on the cheap, but me being one of those Sci Fi fans would love to see the channel brought back to the shining light of nerdom that it was when I was younger and I would love for the thing to do it to be the Legion of Superheroes and their many futuristic adventures.

#4.  Static Shock

With "The Tick" getting a second chance at a live action show, it just makes me think that there's room for another cartoon to get a live action reboot.  Static's cartoon, while not as bad ass as something like Justice League or BTAS, was still fun and for the most part I enjoyed every episode that remember watching.  It seems with all these superhero shows coming out that producers are afraid to make a teenage main character, that is unless DC's planned Teen Titan live action show actually sees the light of day and if it does, then why can't we have a live action Static Shock show?  If you search online...... and I do, you'll find a plethora of different fan films taking Static off the pages of comics and coming up with something really cool............ So why doesn't anyone who actually has money to do it........ Do it?  Static just seems to get the short end of the stick a lot of the times and I've been pushing him a lot recently on these Top 5 lists and until my bitching is heard and is given a response, I'll probably just keep on doing it.  You know because I'm a proper fanboy.  So yeah, live action Static Shock.  Make it happen.

#3.  Firestorm

We've already got Robbie Amell, brother to Arrow's Stephen Amell cast as Ronnie Raymond for the Flash TV show, so is too far fetched that they could make a back door pilot for Firestorm the way they did for Flash in Arrow?  It would be a great teamwork story where two people that couldn't be more different are forced to work together for the greater good and after that they realize they really enjoy being the hero and start enjoying each other.  Now I don't think it would be the high school fun romp that I would love it to be judging by what Robbie Amell looks like, but it could at least be a fun filled college romp.  I don't know, I really have to see what his Ronnie Raymond is like during the first season of Flash to have proper daydreams about what I would want his show to be in the future.  But seriously, Firestorm is bad ass and I have this awful weakness where I will read and or watch anything that character is in.  Give me Firestorm DC Entertainment, so I can continue to be weak and we can try and move this character out of normal people obscurity to something that they might not cancel after one season.

#2.  Animal Man

Now here we could have a cool meta story about a TV star that happens to be a secret superhero on a TV show that's about a superhero, that's actually a TV show.  Yeah I know Buddy's a movie star, but come on that premise is too good to pass up.  He's got family problems, fan problems and super villain problems.  What's a Emmy award winning animal powered man to do?  It could be at total dramedy and it would be great and redefine what a good superhero show could be like.  Now I know this is far fetched given his current employer, but I nominate Joss Whedon as show runner.........  Yeah I nominate Joss Whedon for just about everything I talk about outside of this site, but that doesn't diminish the point that he would make this show great, plus all the added Whedon fanboy and fangirls that would add to the ratings.  Besides for the DC Nation shorts, Animal Man has been kept on the back burner for a long time and I think now is a great time to break the character out for the small screen and dust him off.

#1.  Deadman

Alright I hope you all can dig this because it's my favorite.  Now we all know how Boston Brand was killed during a trapeze act and how he was granted the ability to stay in the land of the living and find his murderer and maybe redeem himself for a life that wasn't the best.  So all this happens, Brand becomes the Deadman and now that he has the ability to possess people.,......... Wait for it............  The show is a ghost version of Quantum Leap!..........BAM!  Now for all of you out there that don't know what Quantum Leap is, well you're dead to me and the only way to redeem yourself in the eyes of your forefathers and myself is to go find it and watch it because the show was amazing.  Now for this show we have Boston every week possess someone in order to find out who a killer is and eventually make his way closer to finding out who is own killer is.  It's the perfect role for an actor who likes portraying different roles, because each week he's someone new.  Now I really want to see this happen, but until it does I think I'll take the time to go back and re-watch all five seasons of Quantum Leap and I think you should as well.  Deadman for the win!

That's it for this week's Top 5 Fridays and during it I realized that I really watch too much TV.  But even with this realization, I'm not going to stop because I love it so much.  So until my friends and family put together a TV intervention, I'll keep watching and keep hoping for new DC TV shows to completely take over the small screen.  See you next week as we have a new list and make sure you check out all of DC's fine shows this new television season.  See you in seven all you couch potatoes.  Boosh!


  1. I know there were some rumors about this that kind of dried up, but Booster Gold. I'd say go with the glory-hound version of him at least at first, then maybe move to the defender of the timeline version a couple seasons in to change thing up.

  2. Static and Deadman were good choices. I personally would also like to see more TV adaptations of DC's magical side like Etrigan, Madame Xanadu, and even the Spectre. NBC made Constantine so maybe its a possibility.

    1. I agree, DC's magic side is one of their best untapped resources. So much potential there.

  3. Hopefully we'll see the inclusion of a JLD in Constantine, or at least some form of it.

  4. I kinda wanna see Swamp thing on television, partly because of the animated series' so-bad-it's-awesome theme song:

    Nice article.

  5. No problem then, you always have re-runs.