Sunday, September 21, 2014

Five Questions With...Cullen Bunn

This week we have the extreme pleasure of having Cullen Bunn as our guest for Five Questions.  Writer of Deadpool, Wolverine, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Godzilla, Magneto, Sinestro and the list goes on and on. Seriously, what hasn't this guy done?  Do yourself a favor and head on over to his website and check out all the great things he's doing including the awesome Sixth Gun series from Oni and the upcoming horror comic, Wolf Moon for Vertigo.  Eric will be reviewing Wolf Moon since he is such a werewolf fan and his tastes in werewolf movies are exact to Cullen's (more on that below). Thanks goes out to Cullen and I hope you all enjoy the interview.

Wolf Moon
1. What are you working on now and/or is coming out soon?

I have a number of projects in progress or coming out soon. I'm currently writing SINESTRO and LOBO for DC and MAGNETO for Marvel. I'm also doing THE SIXTH GUN for Oni Press. I have a few books that will be coming out in the coming months. BRIDES OF HELHEIM, TERRIBLE LIZARD, and HELLBREAK from Oni and WOLF MOON from Vertigo. I've also got a horror book titled THE REMAINS coming out digitally from MonkeyBrain Comics.

2. You have become the go-to guy for Villain solo books with Sinestro, Magneto, Lobo....  What draws you to writing villains and are you ever afraid of getting "typecast"

I write so many different books with so many different themes and characters, I'm not too worried about getting typecast. But getting typecast as a villain writer wouldn't be all bad. I enjoy anti-heroes and villains. I feel like those types of character offer so many possibilities for character studies. They can still surprise me as a writer, so hopefully they can still surprise my readers!

Yes He Was

3. Has Cullen ever been wrong? 

I've probably been wrong once or twice, but I'd never admit it!

Venditti and Jensen
4. Everyone knows you used to be a Professional Wrestling Manager, what DC creators would make the best tag team and why?

That's a tough one, but I'd put Rob Venditti and Van Jensen together, but only if they style themselves after the 80s tag team
the Midnight Express!

5. Can you list the X-Laser Knights and who was their main villain?

I have no picture of the X-Laser Knights, so I give you MANOWAR
The X-Laser Knights were the team of my first comic book. I wrote and drew several issues of the series while I was in 5th grade. The team included myself and all of my friends going on daring space adventures, so the team would have been Cullen (who was obviously the coolest of the bunch), Vardell (who always wore a Hawaiian shirt), Joseph, Veronica, Doug, and John (who had no real life counterpart). The XLK also had tiny smart-talking robot companions, and occasionally Garfield and Heathcliff would guest star. As for enemies, there were many, but perhaps the most terrible was Drewzk, a giant cyborg dragon. His battle with the XLK lasted two issues.

Still champ in my book

6. What is the best werewolf movie ever and how can it be better than Teen Wolf?

I'm a fan of TEEN WOLF, but it's not on my list of favorite werewolf movies. DOG SOLDIERS and THE HOWLING are on the list, and they are runners up to AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON.

I found this by looking up "Twilight Lobo"
7. Which nickname is better?  Faux-bo or Sexy Time Lobo?

Both nicknames seem to inspire intense reactions from readers, so it's a tie!

I smell a Wing Off!
8. Who could eat more chicken wings, DC Comics Wing Eating Champ Justin Gray or Minilla?

Just reading this question makes me want to challenge both Justin Gray and the Son of Godzilla.

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