Sunday, October 19, 2014

Five Questions With...Van Jensen

Whether he knows it or not, we here at Weird Science have an interesting history with Van Jensen.  The fact that he started on Green Lantern Corps the same week wecstarted our site is a coincidence. ..or is it.  Now he's a big shot at DC, still writing Corps and also on The Flash.  I also just recently read his awesome first book, Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer which you should read if you haven't already.  Back to our history with Van, besides the usual responses from reviews, I have talked now and again with Van on Twitter and it always ended with an epic fail on my part. The best time was when he tweeted that he took an online survey about which Green Lantern he was and I responded that I just took an online survey about which member of One Direction I was and of course I was Harry Styles.  This started a little back-and-forth about One Direction, the State of Music and possibly why a guy my age knew of such things.  To this day, Eric here at Weird Science busts on me about it.  This incident was followed by fails regarding basketball (I'm a Sixers fan so I'm used to Basketball fails) and The Flash.  So, I'd like to thank Van for his patience on Twitter and for doing this 5 Questions With...  Go and follow Van on Tumblr  HERE and on Twitter HERE. Then you can see my next fail!

1. What are you working on right now and what do you you have coming out soon?

I'm writing Green Lantern Corps and co-writing The Flash for DC, which keeps me busy most days. Then I'm working on a creator-owned series that'll be coming out in early 2016. More news on that to come!

2. Your kickstarter book, "The Leg" is such a great and crazy concept.  Can you explain what it's about and how you came up with the concept for it?

In 1883, Mexican president Santa Anna lost his left leg below the knee in the Pastry War, and, later, people exhumed the leg to protest against Santa Anna. This story takes place a century later, as the Leg is mysteriously alive, clad in an ornate boot. When the country once again is threatened, the Leg embarks on a journey across Mexico to come to the rescue. 

What's crazy about that?!

3. If the sequel takes place in Canada, what and whose extremity would it be about?

It would star one of Jeff Lemire's fingers. I haven't decided which one.

4. Who is your favorite member of One Direction?

That's the band with Justin Timberlake, right?

5. If you were tasked with coming up with a new Lantern Color, what would it be and what would it represent?

Colors are passe. Patterns are where it's at. The Gingham Corps would represent stoicism and good taste.

6.  You and Robert Venditti have been called the Murtaugh and Riggs of DC Comics, Which one are you and why?

Riggs, because I'm not too old for this shit. (This is the one and only time I will compare myself in any way to Mel Gibson.)

7. Who is the best and worst G.I. Joe character?

My favorite was always Crazy Legs. Ultimate underdog story: stupid name, no cool gimmick, lame weapon, even worse costume. And yet he was a real American hero. The worst is the guy that had mini-missile launchers on his arms and legs. His name may as well have been Dismembero.

8. How many chicken wings can you eat in one sitting?

Thirty seems about right.

9. Who is the best Basketball Player of all-time?

Bill Russell, the Celtics stalwart.

10. Besides Pinocchio, who is the best Vampire Slayer of all-time?

Also Bill Russell, coincidentally.

11. Any hints on what's coming up in The Flash?

Dinosaurs. Robots. Horror movies. Helicopters. The secret history of the Speed Force. Unfortunately, no prehistoric giant beavers.

Thanks again to Van for doing this and check out everything he does because it's all great.  See you next week.


  1. I haven't really keyed in on Jensen's career to date, but this interview was a revelation as to his personality and creative tendencies for sure.

    1. I really like Van. I like his Green Lantern Corps and the Flash is not half bad, either. I do really like Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer and The Leg just looks crazy.