Monday, October 20, 2014

Just For The Hell Of It Mondays: Throne of Atlantis

For this awful Monday....... Sorry this is supposed to be a positive bit for the beginning of the work week, but goddamn and I tired as all hell.  Anyway for this Just For The Hell of It Monday, I figured we'd talk about and look at the trailer for the next DC animated movie, even though the trailer has been out for awhile, Justice League: Throne of Atlantis.  Now I don't know if you all read the Throne of Atlantis story that crossed between the Justice League and Aquaman titles, but this was at the point that Aquaman was still becoming cool and blowing our minds by the concept.

We were just into the New 52 for a little over a year and the Justice League title had just hopped from Five Years Ago to the present (even though I would of rather had more back stories) and it was Geoff Johns at the helm of the crossover..... since he was writing both titles and it makes complete sense.  It was just a really fun time to be reading DC Comics...... Not that it isn't fun now, it was just still fresh and new when Throne of Atlantis began and it seemed like anything was possible with the New 52.  Now that this film is coming out I figure we'll do the whole DC animated thing and go from a Justice League movie to a Batman movie and then back to a Justice League movie again, so hopefully the next animated flick from the New 52 will be the Court of The Owls or Death of The Family or hopefully both and I don't have to pick and choose between two great stories.  Before I get myself and all of you too excited about what animated movies could possibly be coming out next, let's check out this trailer for Throne of Atlantis.

While I think this movie is really going to be tits, I do wish that the movies would go back to the style of something like Superman.Batman: Public Enemies and away from this stylized anime look because, well frankly I'm just not a fan of it.  But what's a boy to do when he loves superheroes and animated movies, besides to casually bitch about the art style but still completely love the movie in general?  Oh well it's the interwebs and bitching is a prerequisite it seems.  Now that Aquaman has been introduced maybe people can quit complaining about Shazam stealing his spot in the Justice League during Justice League: War, but probably not.  Hope you enjoyed the trailer if you haven't seen it yet or if you have, I hope you enjoyed it again.  Have an excellent week and I'll see you in seven.  Boosh!

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