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DC Comics Best Covers of the Week 10/18/14

It's getting colder and the leaves are turning colors and that can only mean...nothing when it comes to Comic Book Covers.  This week we got a bunch of really cool Justice League covers, another Monster Variant I liked and a cover that I loved and Eric hated. However, this is my article and I'll pick what I want to, pick what I want to.  You'd pick it too if it happened to you?!?!  I'm sorry, I had a Lesley Gore moment there.  It happens more than I'd like to admit.  Let's just get on with the covers before I chanel the Shangri-Las.  I met him at the candy store...

Cover of the Week

Batman and Robin #35 (Patrick Gleason, Mick Gray and John Kalisz)

You know how you get Cover of the Week?  The Bat Hellsuit, that's how.  Really, it's kind of unfair to the other covers so I propose that every cover from now on features the Hellsuit in it.  I don't care if it makes sense, just put it in.  It also makes me happy when the issue is as good as the cover and that is the case this week.  This book is so good and only promises to get better as we get nearer to finding our who the next Robin will be.  my pick is Duke, btw.  Eric's review is HERE.  

Runners Up

Supergirl #35 (Guillem March)

While I wasn't a fan of this issue, I loved Jonboy Meyer's art (Points for such a great name!) and Guillem March's cover.  It should come as no surprise to anyone because I am a huge March fanboy.  Why?  Open your eyes and see for yourself, the guy is awesome. My review for the issue is HERE.

Justice League #35 (Jerry Ordway)

I already mentioned the Hellsuit, but there is another way to get on the list, Shazam.  This cover just makes me want a Shazam monthly right now and when/if it does, they better get Jerry Ordway on the cover.  Eric's review of the issue is HERE.

Batwoman #35 (Rafael Albuquerque)

This is the one that Eric and myself fought over.  I love it and he didn't.  The hell with him because it's Rafael Albuquerque and that's enough for me.  I really liked the "mystery" of it and the campy look.  I love this book and I hope this issue was the start of a really fun arc which started with Space!  My review for the issue is HERE.

Batman and Robin #35 (Chris Burnham Monster Variant)

Alright, I know I ripped apart the Monster Variant idea and then each week have one as a Cover of the Week.  I admit it, I'm a jerk.  This week we get a Chris Burnham variant that is all Batman '66 campy fun.  I miss Damian so much that I'd even take him back as a little pumpkin headed mummy.  Also, just seeing Burnham draw Damian in any form makes me glad and sad all at once.  

Album Cover of the Week - NWA's Staight Outta Compton

I can't begin to tell you the effect this album had on me as a young, scared white kid from Quakertown, Pennsylvania.  If you didn't guess from my hometown's name, it was pretty white back in the 80's.  So, when I fell in love with rap, I was pretty much on an island by myself.  Run DMC, LL Cool J, Eric B and Rakim were just a couple of my favorites. Then the Beastie Boys hit and everyone (including my Mother...really) became rap fans.  Don't get me wrong, I love the Beastie Boys to this day, but for a little while I put my love of rap on hold.  Then I heard Straight Outta Compton and I was back big time. While all my friends  were fighting for their right to party, I was saying Fuck the Police.  Of course I was only saying it in my room and really had no reason to say it at all, but N.W.A.'s raw energy made me do it.  It was Easy E,  Ice Cube, MC Ren, Dr. Dre and DJ Yella and myself against the World.  This cover captures all that with N.W.A. starring down the World daring them to make a move.  It's so badass and I think I'm off to listen the album right now.

See you next week.

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