Saturday, October 25, 2014

Red Lanterns #35 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Charles Soule
Art By: J. Calafiore
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: October 22, 2014

Rage Against The New Gods

Last issue of Red Lanterns, you know the one before we went to Five Years From Now, we saw the conclusion to the Atrocitus War.  If you don't remember, a lot of our favorite Reds lost their lives during the war......... I cried a little, but Guy Gardner came out victorious and from what I've heard a bunch of people are really upset with Atrocitus dying so easily...... Well not easily, but by the hand of Guy Gardner, who went all Red Lantern Super Saiyan and drew all the rings off of Atrocitus and his army and then used them to recreate the magic blood lake and the Red Power Battery.  Even though Guy was victorious, I guess he's had enough of leading his friends to death, so he tells Bleez that she's in charge now and goes home to Earth.  I guess his little hiatus from Lanterning is going to be put on hold now that the New Gods are getting all bling happy and going around collecting rings from what they deem "Lesser Beings".  Let's see what happens when the New Gods go to Earth and meet the raging Red Lantern, Guy Gardner.  Let's check out GODHEAD Act 1, Part 5.

Explain It!:

Our story begins in what I think is a very unlikely way.  Guy and Ice are vacationing at a beach in The Persian Gulf.  It's not just Guy being with Ice or the vacationing, it's both.  Guy's been gone for so long now and Ice broke up with him for his temper, but here they are together like nothing ever happened and while I like seeing the two together, I'm just really surprised that Ice would take him back.  As for the vacationing, I guess I just expected Guy to hang out in Baltimore, brooding over the loss of his friends during the Atrocitus War and maybe reconnecting with his family.

It's not long into the story that we find out that Guy has more on his mind that fun in the sun and we find out that he picked this vacation spot solely for the fact that across the strait is the lawless state of Qurac, which is under control by a superpower obsessed insane dictator.  See this dictator was recently given superpowers and plans on using them to make himself Earth's own Godhead if you will.  Well I guess this notion gets Guy's dander up and he flies over, presumable after Ice went to sleep and decides that since he's Earth's protector, he better stop this would be smiter of the world.

After a few punches are thrown and a little fire vomit is spewed, the fight between the two is put on hold when a Boom Tube opens up in front of them.

Now this wanna be God King thinks that he's the most powerful being there is and won't let some Boom Tuber come latelies step on his land and tell him what's up, so this knucklehead actually tries to fight them.  That's right them.  Not only does he go after one New God named Malhedron, but old Mal has three more New Gods backing him up.  After what little Hal and the Green Lantern Corps could do against the New Gods in earlier issues of GODHEAD, I feel that it's about to become a bad day for Guy and the douchey dictator.

Well I wasn't wrong on the douche's day, he decided to run his mouth and he almost got to see what his brains looked like because of it.

Too bad Guy's not one to run from a fight because the same thing almost happened to him before Simon Baz swoops in from obscurity, to save our favorite hot head's ass.  But like I said before, I saw what the Corps was able to do against the New Gods and even with Simon's help, the battle is already lost.  Simon wants to retreat because like me, he knows what happened to the Corps, but even after he relays the info to Guy, Guy gives a rousing speech about them being the protectors of Earth and if that means they have to die doing it, then so be it.

In the end before we see our heroes terminated with extreme prejudice, Highfather called Malhedron back to New Genesis and our heroes live to see another day.  Now I'm personally a coward so if I just got my ass whooped that bad, I'd be hidden indoors for awhile crying and licking my wounds, but Guy tells Simon that it's time to take the fight to the New Gods home and do to them what just happened to our heroes, only Guy plans on finishing the job.  Boy is Ice going to be pissed off.

That's it for this month's Red Lanterns and man was it fun to see what Guy's up to with his new direction and even better seeing Simon Baz back in action and not being treated like a unwanted child by DC Comics.  "But Eric, he was a member of the JLA".  I don't want to hear any of that nonsense.  He was a token GL and that is all.  Throughout the entire Trinity War and Forever Evil stories, Simon didn't do shit.  We've got a great new character here that should be featured more so that the nay sayers out there can get on the "Simon is a bad ass GL" trolley.  Thank you Charles Soule for giving me a happy this month with the return of a underutilized character.  So it appears we're heading to New Genesis soon and it looks like Guy wants to play Roddy Piper's role in They Live...... you know with the kicking ass and chewing bubble gum thing.  I can't believe you haven't seen this movie.  See you next week for Sinestro's turn in getting his ass whooped by the New Gods.

Bits and Pieces:

I had a lot of fun in this issue even though we seem to be stuck with Lantern losing to New God for the first Act of this GODHEAD story, but it did give us an inspiring look at the tightrope that Guy now has to walk between being a good boyfriend and his rage filled passion for justice.  Not only did we get to see what Guy's up to now that he's solely on Earth, but we got the triumphant return of Simon Baz, who I'm always happy to see....... Make it happen more DC!  J. Calafiore gave us an awesome looking issue and even though Soule was confined to the Lanterns getting their asses whooped parameter of the story, he was still able to give us interesting insights to the characters beyond his restrictions.  Check it out and continue your adventure in GODHEAD.


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