Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Green Lantern: New Guardians #35 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Justin Jordan
Art By: Brad Walker, Andrew Hennessy, Robin Riggs
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: October 15, 2014

Come Here Kyle, Highfather Will Make It All Better

I don't know if you've been rocketing through space for some ever important mission for the government or if you just haven't been keeping up, personally I'd go with the outer space option.  Nonetheless I'm going to catch you up to GODHEAD the best I can with the fewest amount of typing I can possibly do.  Since Kyle pierced the Source Wall and returned it seems that the Prime-Universe has gained the attention of the New Gods and Highfather himself wanted to use the seven rings of the emotional spectrum to gain the life equation himself.  Well this didn't work out, I don't mean that he didn't get the rings, no he did that and whooped the asses of all the Corps' so far, but the device that was created to hold all the rings didn't really work out the way he wanted and then decided that no one in this universe should be able to wield such power so the Corps' have that going against them right now.  Anyway Metron discovered the location of the mythic White Lantern and now Highfather has his sights set for Kyle.  Alright so now you're caught up for the most part and we can get on to seeing what Kyle's up to and see how this whole GODHEAD thing will affect him.  Let's check it out.

Explain It!:

Our story begins with me having a strange realization.  It took me forever to finally call the Templar Guardians just The Guardians and now that I have and how this issue begins I guess it fits after all.  You see it turns out that the Guardians are a lot like their secretly insane brethren because while us New Guardians fans have had inklings that they've been up to something since Kyle survived the Source Wall, it turns out we were right and they are pretty much turning into the conniving little shit heels that came before them.  Get this, They've known Kyle has had the life equation in him since he survived the Source Wall and even used it to reshape reality so he could escape the wall and have manipulated him in maintaining the ruse of his death from his friends because they were scared of what that kind of power would do if people knew about it.  Also they've been secretly monitoring the different Corps' because even though they said they didn't want any part in guarding the universe and Hal is perfectly suited to be the new Corps leader, they really didn't mean it and couldn't truly trust the guarding of the universe to what I assume they mean "lesser beings".  

As you can imagine, Kyle's a little pissed about being lied to and since he now knows that the different Corps' have been under attack by these New Gods, he's going to go help his friends.  Well leave it to a Guardian to be an asshole about someone not wanting to do what they want, because when Kyle tries to leave, they straight up attack him.  WTF?  How the hell am I ever going to trust these guys now?  I've already had trust issues since the original Guardians took me on an emotional roller coaster ride with their actions.  


Since the Guardians want to protect the universe they figure the best way to do it is by pulling the life equation out of Kyle physically and I don't know what kind of Guardian blast they hit him with, but it must of knocked something loose inside Kyle's head because he starts using that life equation like a boss.  He's fighting back, changing reality left and right and even at one point changes Carol Ferris into Alex DeWitt who long time Kyle fans will remember as his fridged girlfriend from when he first received a Green Lantern ring.  So yeah, that's kind of fucked up.  I guess we can be lucky that Highfather boom tubes in and saves the day?  I know that the New Gods are technically the bad guys of this story, but seriously if Highfather hadn't come and connected with Kyle, our hero might not have been able to stop himself and we might have ended up with the God/Monster that Kyle became in Futures End.


In the end Highfather bitch slaps the Guardians and then boom tubes them away and convinces Kyle to come to New Genesis so that he can remove the life equation and give Kyle back his life.  Kyle and Carol share a very tender moment....... suck it all you Hal and Carol supporters and the two decide to go with Highfather and our issue ends with our heroes journeying to New Genesis.


That's it for New Guardians, but man did it sure get this story going........ You know beyond the whole Lantern vs. New God shtick.  What I really took away from this issue is how much I miss non-lobotomized Ganthet because he would've put these little blue bastards straight.  I mean I really thought for the most part that Kyle and the New Guardians are what you'd call friends and this betrayal is a little too much for me.  I know they want the greater good and all, but these guys were supposed to be different.  See you next week as we continue GODHEAD with Red Lanterns #35.

Bits and Pieces:

Have I mentioned before how I have a huge man crush on Wil Quintana?  While I don't want to take away from the work of Brad Walker and Andrew Hennessy, but Quintana's colors make this book month after month and man does it shine here.  While I felt personally betrayed by characters in this book, I really enjoyed the story and this issue seems like it's kicked GODHEAD in the pants to get it going.  Go check it out and watch your favorite Lantern Kyle Rayner change reality in the most shocking way I could imagine.



  1. "Would have." Otherwise thanks for the insight into the issue.

  2. Why the hate towards Hal? personally I don't hate the Kyle/Carol pairing, it feels exactly, totally & absolutly like what in hentai is named NTR & thats ok once in a while, I just can't stand the character better known as Kyle Rayner, I don't like anything about him & pray that soon we can see a death to him in the main universe as the one of the Injustice universe.
    BTW anyway soon enough fortunately this Carol will be deleted & and forgotten forever.

    1. I really don't hate Hal, I just try to get the Hal purists riled up is all. Hal was a my favorite Green Lantern for a long time but when I grew up Kyle became the Lantern and I spent my teenage years reading him and I guess now he just feels like my Lantern.