Saturday, November 15, 2014

Batman/Superman #16 Preview

Written by: GREG PAK
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: $3.99

New artist Ardian Syaf joins the hit series as a mystery begins! An unseen terror launches deadly strikes against major cities…and the only clue is Kryptonite! Can Batman and Superman bring an invisible foe to justice before more damage is done?

It's a funny thing, now that DC has finally paid attention to the quality of their Superman books, it's no longer a debate of which is the worst, but which is the best one on the shelves.  While Batman/Superman has been a middle of the pack book in that debate (in my opinion, of course), I am looking forward to this issue for one big reason, Ardian Syaf.  It's not just that I dig his art, which I do, but the fact that this book has been begging for a full-time artist since Jae Lee jumped ship. I may be reevaluating my book order very soon, maybe on Wednesday.  The preview below is crazy...bloody Orcas, Supergirl, Steel and God knows what Superman sees at the very end.  I want to know right now, dammit.

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