Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lobo #2 Review

Written by: Cullen Bunn
Art by: Reilly Brown and Nelson DeCastro
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: November 5, 2014

Slow Burn Lobo

I know that this new sexy-time Lobo hasn't been a favorite of fanboys , but I'm taking the high road and giving it a couple issues before I give up on him.  I have to admit, I don't have a long history with Lobo and maybe that's why I didn't mind last month's series premier.  It wasn't as fun as I'd hoped but the mix of flashbacks and bounty hunter story had me intrigued.  That's a good thing because we get just that again this month.  Plus, with some new additions, the fun I was hoping for is beginning as well.

It's all about the "code" for Lobo.  Look your mark in the eye before killing him, always finish a job...he's a man of honor that comes off sounding a bit like Jack Burton and that is alright in my book. I like this Lobo, but I was afraid this first arc was going to basically devolve into find-kill-rinse -repeat of a series of baddies and the way this issue opens, my fears seemed justified. Then we meet Lobo's team.

Yes, Lobo has a team.  If you didn't know that, don't worry, neither did he.  It's all been set up by Rhialla (his benefactor/contact) and I couldn't be happier.  We just start getting to know the three new characters, but Lobo's interaction with them is great.  I'm looking forward to learning more.

Speaking of learning, Cullen Bunn gives us another flashback of Lobo's past and while it doesn't show us much, it pushes the whole "honor" thing and hints at an upcoming disaster that may have set our antihero on his current path.  I have a feeling that old Lobo fans hate these flashbacks as it shows a more civilized Lobo, but I like them for the contrast they provide.

The issue ends with yet another bounty taken care of, but also a twist I didn't see coming.  While it does seem to be a forced attempt to resemble the most popular undead comic and TV, I'm glad it is mixing things up.

Cullen Bunn is giving us a slow burn story with bits of Lobo's past being revealed as he deals with the current mystery of the bounty hunters and what they are really up to.  This issue is fun, but I am starting to get impatient to see more of the big picture.  I want to like this Lobo, but I need to see more to make up my mind.

I like the look of this book.  Reilly Brown and Nelson DeCastro do a good job with the characters, especially the varied alien bounty hunters.  The final pages will be a hit for fans of space horror like Alien and Dead Space.

Bits and Pieces:

I want to recommend this book, but Cullen Bunn is just not giving us enough, yet.  I hope that this slow burn character driven story pays off and soon.  Lobo being forced to be part of a team and a crazy cliffhanger should get things rolling.  There is nothing bad about this issue, but there is nothing great either.  So far, it's nestled right in the middle.


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