Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Green Lantern Corps #36 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Van Jensen
Art By: Bernard Chang, Marcelo Maiolo
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: November 12, 2014

Love Is A Battlefield

Last week in Green Lantern #36, we saw our beloved Corps take refuge on New Korugar and while
we saw the stage being set for the coming of every emotional spectrum, I couldn't help but feel dread at what Sinestro might be planning after they win the battle against the New Gods or there aren't any Lanterns left to oppose him.  The New Guardians made their return to a title not bearing the New Guardians name and they brought the grim news about Kyle being taken by Highfather and him wanting to turn our White Lantern into a weapon..... Well the Life Equation inside of him into a weapon and while Hal was originally going to do as he was told by the New Guardians, after a little teasing from Sinestro........ or manipulating, Hal decided for all the Corps' members to hide out in the Anti Matter Universe while he searched out Black Hand to bring a little death to the fight.  So let's check out what our heroes are up to this week in GODHEAD Act 2, Part 2.  Let's check it out.

Explain It!:

Now that our heroes and I guess our villains are in the Anti Matter Universe it's time to come up with a plan that doesn't simply involve hiding out.  It looks pretty grim in the beginning with everyone having their own ideas on how to proceed, but eventually John Stewart makes his voice heard and urges the rest to go on a rescue mission to get the Star Sapphires on their side before the New Gods find them and shut them down.  We're looking at a unite all the spectrums plan here and with the last Blue Lantern ring in the hands of the New Gods, well it looks like it's going to be a tough plan to accomplish.  Before John and his handful of Green Lanterns go off and try to get their love on with the Sapphires, Sinestro shows them something to help them out on their mission.  Well more accurately the Qwardian Weaponer shows them something.  It seems that he's taken a damaged White Lantern Ring and built a shield with it and when combined with it's sword, the person wielding the weapons will be able to channel the power of the white emotion and maybe finally have a weapon that can stand toe to toe with what the New Gods are packing.

Unfortunately the New Gods aren't wasting anytime and have already invaded Zamaron and while we find out at the end of the issue that they were meant to capture the ring slingers, it seems that Lady Shadowfall comes out swinging and a lot of Sapphires go down immediately.  Eventually John Stewart enacts his plan and gets to the aid of the Sapphires, but even though they have the White energy of the shield and sword, it doesn't look like they'll be able to stop the forces of the New Gods.  Yeah, I mean the shield protects them from New Genesis arrows, but really it's only one shield and sword and there are numerous New Gods taking on the planet.  So after a grand first assault the Lanterns are feeling a bit cocky, but when the New God's deploy net technology it seems that our heroes are stuck............... Don't get me wrong, they're New Gods so their net technology is pretty good, they didn't get strung up like in Planet of The Apes or anything, I just find it funny that they are taken down by a force field net.

In the end we find out just how great the net is when John attempts to cut through it with the White Lantern sword and the net disintegrates it.  Don't worry Lantern lovers, even though the emotional spectrum couldn't be used as a weapon against the New Gods, the Star Sapphires tell us that their power is greater because it is used with pure emotion and that their love tethers can get them out of this predicament.  John agrees that the Star Sapphires should go, but before one of them dies due to her injuries, we have a big surprise.  Due to John's love of his Corps, she offers him her ring and even though he really doesn't care for the Sapphires after his ordeal with Fatality, he accepts the ring and everyone escapes the New God's cage.  But we see as the issue closes that the New God's planned on following them back to the other Lanterns from the beginning.  

That's it for this issue of Green Lantern Corps and Act 2, Part 2 of the GODHEAD story and man it's great to finally have the Lanterns on the offensive.  Even though it didn't really work out the way they intended, it was still cool to see them at least having a shot at winning a battle.  While I normally really dig Bernard Chang's art, there were a few scenes here where I struggled to understand what was going on and a panel where Soranik was trying to get John to talk about what happened between Fatality and him where he's supposed to be yelling at her, but his face seems sullen and pointing down and not really conveying the angry he apologizes for in the next panel....... I don't know, that sounds really nitpicky but it really bothered me for some reason.  Besides that, hopefully we'll see where the Qwardian Weaponer got a damaged White Lantern ring in the future, but I have a feeling it was just a throw away item and now I'll have to deal with not having that knowledge.............  I NEED THE KNOWLEDGE!  Come back next week as we continue this story in Green Lantern: New Guardians #36 where Kyle hopefully comes to his senses and joins the fight with his Lantern brothers.  See you then.

Bits and Pieces:

While I really liked this addition to the GODHEAD story, there were a few things with the art that didn't jive with me or left me confused by what I was seeing, but besides that it was a battle of the Gods that I loved seeing.  We've got some new elements here that will really change the Green Lantern Corps world if they continue and I love surprises that I don't see coming.  Go check out this part to GODHEAD and join the fight with our Lantern heroes.


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  1. May i just say, its about time there was a guy Star Sapphire. :)