Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #13 Review

Written by: Michael Jelenic
Art by: Drew Johnson
Cover Price: $0.99
Release Date: November 6, 2014

The Plane, The Plane

Last weeks issue of Sensation Comics was all about setting up this finale.  Michael Jelenic gave us the beginning of a nice little story mixing the wisdom Hippolyta gave her daughter with an epic battle between Wonder Woman and Cheetah. It's all tied together by a gift that may or may not be what it seemed at first.  While I was hoping this second part would be a bit more epic, it was a good story of a Mother and Daughter whose love is immortal.

Paradise Island is in the midst of a celebration, but Hippolyta is worried about her daughter.  She has every reason to and when she takes a magical peek as to her whereabouts, she doesn't like what she sees.  Cheetah is kicking the stuffing out of Wonder Woman over the Phoenix Egg from last issue.  While Diana bleeds and Cheetah taunts, Jelenic mixes flashbacks that show how one of the greatest superheros of all-time owes everything to her mother.

This two part story has been about family, honor and fighting for what's right.  Through Hippolyta's teachings to her young daughter, we see what it is to be an Amazon.  Thankfully, Diana learned her lessons well and even when it looks like Cheetah is going to win out, her selfishness is her undoing.  Well,  a couple massive uppercuts and some nifty lasso work by Wonder Woman didn't hurt matters either.  All of this is pretty cool, but when Hippolyta shows up, things get really good.

First things first, kudos to Jelenic and Drew Johnson for Hippolyta's awesomely retro invisible plane.  It was the highlight of the issue for me.  Almost as awesome was the reason Wonder Woman was seeking the egg out in the first place.  It's a touching scene that is only interrupted by a really funny one-liner by Cheetah.

Like I said in the introduction, I was hoping for something a little more epic, but I still enjoyed this issue (and the last) for what it was, a nice little story focusing on the love between a mother and her daughter.  Sensation Comics has been a series celebrating what makes Wonder Woman such a great superhero and this two part story fits right in.

Drew Johnson's art was really good and we even get a big spread which is something rarely seen in the digital first books.  While there is a chance of confusion during the second half of the issue, I still liked everything here.  I mentioned it above, but I will again...the invisible plane was awesome.

Bits and Pieces:

Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #13 continues the trend of showing what makes Wonder Woman special.  It's a story about a Mother's wisdom, a Daughter's devotion and fighting for something more than just yourself.  This is yet another story that makes me glad this book is around.



  1. This story was written & drawn in 2009-2010, intended as a fill-in during the Simone run. It ALMOST made it to print in early 2011 with the JMS Delays on "Odyssey" but the co-writer and artists pulled it out at the last minute, leaving this story still stuck in the drawer.

    1. I didn't know that, but I really enjoyed this two-parter. Looking back at this review makes me sad that this series fell off of my review pile. I think I'll get back to it soon.