Sunday, November 9, 2014

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week 11/8/14

Hellooooooo everybody.  Welcome back to DCCBCOTW (Dik-bok-otoe), where I look at all the covers of every DC comic this week and pick the ones that I like best.  Yep, this is my kind of party baby and I play to win the game, hello?!.  I'm not talking practice or playoffs here, but I will crown their ass.  I'm sure after looking at the winners, you will agree that they're who we thought they were.  This week we have the return of some old friends, a trippy cover that almost made me vomit (in a good way?!?!) and one that had me hyped for the issue for weeks.

Cover of the Week

Justice League 3000 (Howard Porter)

This is the cover that had me hyped.  The Injustice League is such an awesome concept and knowing this book, you just knew something would go wrong.  I spent a week trying to figure out who the members were and I ended up being wrong on two of them.  Anyone who reads my reviews (I'm talking to you two guys, Jody and Tim) knows that I love everything about Howard Porter's art.  If you aren't yet a fan, just glance at this cover and you will be one of the converts.  All praise Howard Porter!  I also have to mention Hi-Fi's color work because it's awesome and he's a cool guy.  My review for the issue is HERE.  If you haven't been reading this book and like fun and adventure, give it a try.

Runners Up

Lobo #2 (Bill Sienkiewicz Variant)

While the jury is still out on sexy time Lobo, I really like this variant cover.  It's gritty and stylized and may just be the look I want from the book itself.  It looks like a 70's Spy book and I love it.   I caught the lazy bug and haven't reviewed this issue yet, but I will be hitting it today...or tomorrow...or whenever I get to it.

Green Lantern #36 (Billy Tan)

Guess what?  That's what.  I don't know why, but when I first looked at this cover, I was compelled to send Billy Tan $100 and cluck like a chicken.  Luckily I snapped out of it before eating bird feed, but I hope Billy uses that c-note for something good. If a cover's main job is to get the buyer's attention, mission accomplished.  The issue itself wasn't half bad either.  Eric's review is HERE and he gave it one of the highest score's he's given out since we started this site. 

Superman Unchained #9 (Jim Lee)

Just like the issue, this cover is epic.  Too epic for just one page to contain, in fact.  Jim Lee is considered a Master for a reason and this is THE reason.  Back in 1990, I got a Summer job on a fishing boat in Alaska as a baiter.  It was a tough job, but the pay was great and I needed it for college tuition.  Even though I wanted to quit several times, I stuck it out and by the end of that summer, I was considered a Master...a Master Baiter.  Yes, that was a long setup for a lame joke, but Jim Lee can't be the only Master here.  My review for the issue is HERE.  In a perfect world, this book would have gone on forever, but since I still have to work eleven hours a day, six days a week, I'm guessing this is far from a perfect world.

Let me know if you agree or disagree.  If you agree, I'll be certain to respond.  If you disagree, I'll probably go hide in the bathroom and have a little cry...then I'll respond.  See you next week!

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