Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Fanboy Theories: What "Killed" the Injustice World?


To those who haven't been reading Convergence, the first actual earth death was an earth many people didn't want to lose. The earth of Injustice. As I watched the city get crushed, I thought to myself...How did this happen? This is a violent world, created by the minds of Mortal Kombat. A world where gods have died at the hands to the heroes we love. A world that for the past five years their time have been drenched in combat with one another...What earth could have the potential to destroy such a world. In today's theory, I will be explaining my thoughts on what actually KILLED the world of Injustice.

Theory #1: Kingdom Come

Feel free to argue with my point, but Kingdom come might be one of the strongest earths out in the multiverse, if not THE strongest. A lot of the characters in this earth are either powerful veterans or crazed lunatics! For example, we see Superman everywhere in the multiverse, but on this earth his years under the yellow sun have effectively turned off the kryptonite weakness. In the JSA run we see him able to push through 100 times his own weight to save a woman from committing suicide. THAT'S JUST THE FIRST! We also have an Emerald Knight Alan Scott(still probably my favorite look of him) who never needs to recharge his ring, a Batman with presumably hundreds of bat-robots, friggin' Magog and his villain killing Justice Battalion, and many other heroes that fight to the death on a daily basis, even if some are lunatics.

Theory #2: Flashpoint:
Now where Kingdom Come is the strongest, Flashpoint might be one of the more fierce earths in the domes. This is an earth ravaged by a super-powered war between one of the most magical races(The Amazons) vs. one of the most scientific(The Atlanteans). Both leaders are brutal and thirsty for their enemies blood. These races aren't the only heroes a bit to fierce for their own good. We know of the brutal Batman, the authoritarian Aquaman, and the war-mongering Wonder Woman, but to prove my point I direct you to one of DC's comedic characters, Plastic Man...Yes. That man is Plastic Man...The man who slithered out of a man's stomach, killing him, is the jokey Plastic Man. In this world, he's a psychotic villain who helps Heatwave commence a prison break and help kill many villains. There are many heroes we can see become violent and villainous, but when you see a family friendly hero like Plastic Man do such acts, you know the world is different. Hes not the only one changed. Apollo of Stormwatch grew to become a kung fu amalgamation of himself and Doomsday, Captain Cold has no rule against killing the rogues, Starfire is a violent warrior going after the Helmet of Fate just to name a few. This earth is not an earth of heroes....but of fierce deadly warriors.

Theory #3: THEMSELVES!
This one I'm going to say I didn't think of originally. Jim felt that this earth didn't even make it up to bat. He explained that this earth could have been a test, a test that failed. I can see the proof in this. The Injustice earth spent a lot of time fighting themselves, but we forget that they don't fight just themselves...they fight another earth entirely. Injustice's "parallel" earth was on Regime Superman's list of places to destroy. When the parallel earth won, they didn't destroy the earth and Insurgency Batman didn't kill Superman so this would mean that there would be no winner. Since that stalemate exists, Telos would possibly just crush the entire city with a snap of his fingers. That being said it leads me to my final theory.

Theory #4: Telos himself
Yes, we see his hands destroy the city but that's not what I mean. The question remains...Why did he destroy the city before the actual fighting begin? Now Jeff King, if you are reading this please don't be offended when I say...Telos is nothing but a child. Children take their toys and bash them together, but in their imaginations they see something else; They see their toys in the same world...Telos is doing the same thing, except all of his toys are the different earths. Just like children, Telos prefers to have things go HIS way as well. He doesn't want corrupted toys like the Joker running rampant when his game is like a tournament. With that thought in mind, He felt that the Injustice world had to much corruption and plague to be apart of his little game. When you think about it, how much corruption is in that earth? We know the regime is bad, but so is the Insurgency. Have we forgotten the betrayal of Constantine...the attempted kidnappings of the Kents...the part where Batman banished his son for an accident?! They may not be Joker level corrupt, but theres a corruption nonetheless that might push the sentient planet the wrong way.

Those were my theories on what happened with the injustice earth! What do you think destroyed that version of earth? What did you think of this article? Leave a comment and remember...

When it comes to comics, QUESTION EVERYTHING!

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