Sunday, April 26, 2015

Five Questions With...Convergence:Green Lantern Corps Writer, David Gallaher

This week on Five Questions is my pleasure to welcome David Gallaher.  The Convergence Event has been up and down so far, but his Green Lantern Corps #1 is one of the best issues so far. Why?  Because it's a Guy Gardner issue.  That might be great in and of itself, but David goes further by using the Event to explore Guy's psyche in a way that really isn't touched on enough. Seriously, if you are a Guy fan (like me!) and/or get annoyed by Hal Jordan always winning, read this issue.  On a side note, I hate to tell David this, but he may be my doppelganger.  While following him on twitter (@DavidGallaher) I saw his profile pic and called my wife over and said that he stole a pic of mine and used it...and she believed me!  When I told her that wasn't me and was actually David, she insisted I was lying.  When I saw that he shared some of my interests like Tabletop RPGs and Old Time Radio, I started getting weirded out.  I'd tell David not to steal my life, but his life is way better than mine. Enjoy the interview and go and buy all his stuff HERE or at your local comic book store.

 1. What are you working on now and/or is coming out soon?

This month, Convergence: Green Lantern Corps comes out! It’s written by me, illustrated by Steve Ellis, and made by the wonderful folks at DC Comics. We also serialize The Only Living Boy — our critically acclaimed web series at and High Moon — our award-winning werewolf western webcomic at Check them out — they are all fun. 

2. Convergence: Green Lantern Corps seems to have the largest Lantern roster in Convergence...who is your favorite Green Lantern?

Guy, Hal, and John are all there. Yup. Arisia is likely my favorite member of the Green Lantern Corps though. She’s the heir to this legacy of amazing Green Lanterns. It’s like being in a family of cops or firefighters … she has a lot on the line. 

3. I read that you grew up without did you survive and what show(s) did you go back and watch and fell in love with?

I had three younger brothers, books, and outside play. That was enough for me at the time. My entry point into TV was Saturday morning cartoons with the likes of Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, Hulk, and Superfriends. I did my best to catch up with every superhero related things I could find, for starters. 

4. What is the best table top rpg of all-time?

Tough. I’m partial to Marvel Superheroes RPG from the 80s-90s — especially because it is so easy and casual for new gamers to get into. I’m also partial to the Palladium System (Robotech, Nightbane, TMNT, Ninjas & Superspies)

5. Best Band of All Time?

Best band? The Beatles
My favorite band? The Throwing Muses.

6. Which actor was the best Johnny Dollar and was he in fact, America's fabulous freelance insurance investigator

Bob Bailey. He had the roguish charm, soft-heartedness, and affable nature that made him perfect in the role. He carried a gun, sure, but he was driven by justice and occasionally romance. 

Awesome.  I'd like to thank David for doing this and once again, check out all of his work. Even though he didn't have television as a kid, he still turned out pretty good!


  1. I enjoyed this Convergence issue quite a bit...but I think I enjoy David's okcupid profile pic a lot more!

  2. Why don't you ask him serious questions I'm sure the fans would like to know more important things about his career than how many chicken wings he can eat

    1. I don't think you get the point of is a goofy interview that creators have told us they like doing because it's not the same old "serious questions". You might be able to find multiple sites with those questions but I bet you won't know how many chicken wings they can eat...and isn't that important as well?