Saturday, May 2, 2015

Top Five Fridays: Multiversity Stories/Characters I Want as a Series

This week the Multiversity series had finished with an ending that gave the idea for more adventures in the multiverse. I personally enjoyed this roller coaster ride through the multiverse and can't wait for another dose of the fun. When he first announced it, Grant Morrison mentioned that the issues of the multiversity could be easily converted as the starts of series. That got me thinking; What stories would be great as a series. This week on Top 5 Fridays(on saturday because I'm lazy) we find out!
5: Pax Americana
This issue was truly a mind altering experience. I had to go through a few times to truly understand what exactly was going on. The characters are a mix of Watchmen, but also of the original Charlton characters. This issue might be the hardest to understand, but its definitely worth it. I can see this as a miniseries rather than a full run, mainly due to the conflict created in the issue. The Question searches for Algorithm 8 while on the run from Blue Beetle and Nightshade. We see the experiment and origins of Captain Atom and Peacemaker. However I want to learn the actual explanation behind the mystery algorithm itself.

4: Mastermen
Two words: JUSTICE AXIS. Need another excuse? Two more words: FREEDOM FIGHTERS. This could be a perfect set up to show that no one is a winner in a war. As we saw in the issue itself, Overman(The Superman of that world) feels the nazi way is wrong, but by the time the story starts, the world is set and he has to make the best he can of it. We can continue to see the mental turmoil he goes through, and perhaps turmoil of some other characters on the J.A. as well as the people around. We then could get some kick-ass action with the freedom fighters. We get introduced to them, but never learn anything about them. That was really my biggest issue with the story, and with a full run we can learn of the major players of this world.

3: Thunderworld
Thunderworld....oh, oh Thunderworld. You are like a saturday morning cartoon from my childhood. You are colorful, nonsensical, and overall just fun. How delightful it is to see the Marvel Family at work, fighting Sivana and the monster society. I want to see so much more of the fun it is to be a marvel. SHAZAM has gotten so much more serious over the past few years, it's nice to have a fun version of the character again. I would love to see this as a weekly comic series, with jokes and laughs family friendly enough to share with siblings.

2:Justice Incarnate
That's right. The team that halted the multiversal threat is my penultimate pick for a full out series. This team is epic, containing not only DC heroes but the analogies to Marvel. In shorter terms, it potentially might be one of the greatest comic book teams of all time. It doesn't just build on the different backgrounds of the heroes, but different worlds entirely. We could see team ups such as the pulp-esque Earth 20 Green Lantern team up with the futuristic Batman from the atomic knight earth. We could see Machinehead of Major Comics team up with the cartoony Captain Carrot. The series alone has so many possibilities of teams and villains, it would be dumb not to take the chance of a series.

1: Society of Superheroes
This was the second issue of the series, and to me probably the coolest looking team throughout the multiverse. In a world where heroes go on adventures to ancient civilizations and go into fighting Nazi/Russian stereotypes, we have a group of interesting heroes that want to help their world fight against their evil counter parts. I want to see these characters go on adventures reminiscent to Indiana Jones and Doc Savage. Always leading the way would be Doc Fate(Definitely one of my picks for a multiversal team roster). I would love to see this team go through more adventures than war. Maybe throw in Earth 20 versions of other characters for good measure. I want an adventure like the days of pulp.

Thats it for top 5 friday(on saturday) for this week! What multiversity earth would you want to see as a series? Leave a comment and i'll see you next time!


  1. Thunderworld is definitely what I most want to see of these Multiversity stories. It was a blast.
    That aside, id love to see series about Earth-13 with Super Demon, Earth-25 with the Zoo-animals, Earth-45 with its corporate mongering, and earth-47 with its trippy silver ageyness.

    1. Earth 13 felt like a darker version of the JLD, and HELL YEAH A ZOO-CREW COMIC!

  2. I would love a Thunderworld mini as long as it was drawn by Cameron Stewart! He did a great job. I also agree that the Society of Superheroes was the most intriguing team of the bunch

    1. Cameron Stewart? Isn't he the guy who hates Eric? Yea, his art would be he hates Eric. Win-Win

  3. I like to think he adds a little bit of his hatred for Eric into every pen stroke

    1. A dude can't find selfies repugnant without the whole world turning on him....... What the shit?