Monday, April 27, 2015

Weird Thoughts: DC Comics Convergence Event Week Three

Week Three of Convergence is over and I have to say, I really loved this bunch of books!  It didn't hurt that some of my favorite characters were featured (Barry Allen, Guy Gardner, Dick Grayson, Swamp Thing...), but it went beyond that.  This week's books made me want to go back and reread some of the old stories they were based on.  Mission Accomplished!  I hope that Week Four kicks as much ass, but while we wait, here are my Weird Thoughts for Week Three of the Convergence Event...

Hey, I tinkered in the Nolan films!
1. Story Really Does Trump Continuity

This may be DC Comics' mantra for the upcoming June books, but it fits here as well.  Convergence tie-ins like The Adventures of Superman played it a little loose with the continuity this week and the results were great.  Lucius Fox building a Phantom Zone Projector?  The Phantom Zone itself becoming a physical plane?  Supergirl acting a bit younger than her Pre-Crisis self?  Keep them coming because I don't care...the story was so much fun and one of my favorites of the whole Event. Story sure did win out over continuity...who would have thunk it?!?

2. Back Door History Lesson
I'll have to take your word for it

I hope everyone has looked at the character histories at the back of each tie-in.  You know, the ones you see AFTER reading the issue.  Why aren't they in the beginning?  I'm sure I'm not the only one who missed them at first.  Sure, I've read every Convergence tie-in so I know to go to the back and read it before I start the issue, but some people probably missed them entirely.  While I'm bitching, I also have another issue about the history lessons.  Why oh why do they only include the main character's history?  There is a really good chance that someone picking up The Flash book knows who Barry Allen is, but Tangent Superman?  Why not include the more obscure characters and universes along with the well known?  Not only would it help in understanding the issue better, but could get readers inspired to go out and find out more (ie: buy more comics).  Note to DC:  When you collect the Convergence Event, think about including a guidebook to the cities included.  I'd buy that for a dollar!

...he didn't say to Eric

3.  Headbands Rock!

I know this has a lot to do with the Pre-Crisis 80's setting, but everywhere I looked this week,someone was rocking a headband. Supergirl was the best, but we saw them in Green Lantern Corps and the Flash as well.   Eric here at Weird Science has gone with the look for two years now and I'm sure Guy Gardner would have the same reaction if he saw least that's what Eric would hope for.

See you in December
4. Please Give Us...

A Batman and the Outsiders six issue mini starting in December.  Make sure it has Marc Andreyko, Carlos D'Anda and Gabe Eltaeb on it and I'll be in Heaven.  Also, I want a Lein Wein Swamp Thing book and a Marv Wolfman Teen Titans book.  Make it happen!

Like I said, this was a great week and I hope the momentum continues into Week Four.  Whether it does or not, I'll be back next week with more Weird Thoughts.  See you then.


  1. Im hoping the second issue includes backstory for the other side of these conflicts. It would be a little late, but reading about who the heck angor is at the end of the second issue would be nice. Ive had a heck of a time finding out who Arsenal was fighting.

  2. i know...the problem is that the second issues are going to include the previews for the June books so I'm guessing, no history

  3. The reason you enjoyed this week of Convergence so much is that it features characters and styles from the 1980s, which is the last decade in which you had a relevant opinion or any kind of worth to society.