Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Black Canary #3 Review

Written by: Brenden Fletcher
Art by: Annie Wu and Lee Loughridge
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: August 19, 2015

Good Evening Cleveland!

The DC You is still in it's infancy, but it's already had it's share of surprises and disappointments.  Black Canary fits both categories.  I'm surprised that a re imagining of Dinah Lance as the lead singer in a rock band is so good and disappointed more people haven't jumped on the Blank Canary trolley yet.  I'd love to believe that the cream always rises to the top, but that rarely happens in real life, let alone in this make believe hobby of ours.  I'm not saying that Black Canary is on the brink of getting canceled, I just know that in a prefect world, it would be selling gangbusters.  I'll try to leave the sales pitch to the powers that be and get on with my review.  Last issue of Black Canary continued Brenden Fletcher's slow burn introduction of the Band.  It's been fun getting to know the group as they get to know each other and Ditto is already one of my favorite characters in the DC You.  All the while, they've been on the run from shadow monsters and mysterious black ops agents and the issue ended with it getting very personal for Dinah in particular.  One of the mysterious agents was...Kurt Lance!  Mind blown.  So, it's an understatement to say I couldn't wait for this issue.  Was it worth the wait?  Let's find out...

This month's issue opens right off with some kick ass action.  Actually, it's a combination of scenes showing Dinah on stage with Black Canary and Dinah on top of the tour bus as...Black Canary.  I love how Brenden Fletcher and Annie Wu show that being the lead singer in a band and kicking ass as a superhero lend so much to each other and make you better at each.

In the first two issues, the band has had it's ups and downs, especially with promoters.  That will happen when monsters keep showing up at gigs, but this issue it's the real life problem of showing up on time.  Of course, I don't think other bands have to deal with being attacked by government agents while on the road (though that would explain why Guns n' Roses were always late), but you have to deal with the hand you're given, I guess.  For Dinah, that hand is a little trickier than most.

Kurt is back and Dinah wants answers.  I give Brenden Fletcher so much credit here because he has to deal with the back story of Dinah and Kurt from the New 52 Birds of Prey book and does it so smoothly and naturally.  He doesn't force it at all and gives the readers enough to understand what's going on and moves along...and what he moves along to is huge.

I love this book, but I have to admit that Fletcher hasn't given us many answers in the first two issues. He answers my biggest question in this issue...who is Ditto?  I had a couple of theories and they were all so wrong I won't even embarrass myself by naming them.  Also, the real answer is so much better than anything I came up with.

The issue ends with another big surprise.  Ditto is missing and after what we learned earlier, that's a huge problem.  The cliffhanger shows where my favorite little guitar player is, but I'm not sure if I should be scared or just laugh.  The reason I would laugh is because someones ego and ridiculousness just might lead to their gruesome death...and I won't be upset if it happens.

This issue continues the hit parade.  This issue was such a fast read and I enjoyed it so much, I wanted more.  While I wish more happened, what did was game changing, mind blowing and other things that describe something awesome.  For the second issue in a row, we learn something incredible and I'm wondering how Brenden Fletcher can keep up the pace.  I';; be around to see him try.

Annie Wu's art really fits this book and Lee Loughridge's colors really fit the art.  That is a recipe for a great looking book and I've been eating it up since the first page of the first issue.  Everything comes together so well.

Bits and Pieces:

I would be satisfied with seeing the Black Canary band travel the country kicking ass on and off the stage, but Brenden Fletcher is giving us more.  We are seeing the band come together (again, on and off the stage) and Fletcher is dropping crazy reveal bombs left and right.  What we find out in this issue changes everything and I loved it.  Annie Wu and Lee Loughridge's art is like a tour poster come to ass kicking life and I can't recommend this issue and series enough.  By the way, Guns n' Roses were actually late to their gigs because Axl was a douche.



  1. Yeah, this series has been awesome so far. Im not liking those sales numbers though. They need to be much higher before I can cease worrying about losing another book.

    1. you are right on the money with that (pun intended). I think that DC will let this one go a bit longer than some others (Doomed, Omega Men...), but in the end, the sales are king and I hope we don't lose it as well.

  2. I love the way this book is written as well. The way it kept cutting back and forth from Black Canary fending off baddies to their live show that happened directly thereafter, it really came off as cinematic.