Friday, August 21, 2015

Top 5 Fridays: DC Comics Characters/Teams That Can Help In The Darkseid War

Welcome to this week's edition of Top 5 Fridays! If you have been keeping up with the current story arc in Justice League, you would know that the Darkseid War has finally begun and the Anti-monitor prepares to fight him. This story has been building since the beginning of the New 52, and it seems these two are equally matched and ready to destroy everything. Obviously that can't happen, but what can we do when even the Justice League is caught off guard by the strength of both sides. Thankfully we actually do have some very powerful characters that have been built up over the history of the New 52 that could potentially turn the tide in the war, and we are going to look over them today! Just as a warning there are some spoilers from old stories, but enough of that LET'S GET STARTED!

5: Justice League United

Why would we have the Justice League United join the fray if the regular Justice League is in the war? To answer this question I ask all of you who remember the first fight with the Anti-Monitor went. To weaken him, it required EVERYONE to fight him. Everyone in the Multiverse is thrown at the Anti-Monitor and then the Spectre. Now this time around the Anti-Monitor appears to be weakened to the point of being an equal to Darkseid, who while powerful, isn't as powerful as pre-New 52 Anti-Monitor. With that in mind, there would still need to be a powerful force to fight the monstrous beings, and nothing says power in numbers. As the Sneak Peek suggested the JLU is getting everyone willing to help fight, some as powerful as Mongul and the Phantom Stranger. What better way to show the DCU wanting to live than have them all fight to save their world.

4: Trinity of Sin

The Darkseid War feels more like the ending to the New 52 universe. In the first issues, we see references to all the major story arcs that happened in not just the Justice League title, but all titles. Shazam, Azzerello's Wonder Woman, Godhead, Earth 2, EVEN THE FOREVER PEOPLE! If this is to be the ending of the New 52, it would only make sense that the trinity that basically started it would help finish it. The Trinity of Sin, to those who can remember the very short lived series, could be considered universe killers like Darkseid and Anti-Monitor after the destruction of the Dark Universe. However the better question is, "Why would the Trinity even want to help and how can they?" Well Stranger still has plenty of silver coins he has to work off and has unlimited magical power, Pandora is always in need of redemption and is probably the most brilliant tactician of our time, and The Question has the Spear of Inquest, a god-like weapon....and of course he would need more persuading to help.

3: Infinity Man

Remember this guy? Remember him and his Forever People? Well here's a shocker; Infinity Man might be one of the most powerful beings in the DC universe. "How powerful can one New God be," you are probably asking...That New God was able to kill every New God on both Apokolips AND New Genesis, with the exception of an Anti-Life Equation powered Darkseid, in the story arc Death of the New Gods. Yes. EVERY GOD. Killed by this single one. This character needs a second chance at life, and with the amount of power he has, he could help the justice league more than Mister Miracle can...after all, in his own words, he's here to help.

2: Highfather and His Armies

Since his first appearance in the New 52, Highfather has gone on and on about how he was preparing New Genesis for the final war with Darkseid. He has tried kidnapping the son of Zeus to use as his weapon and before the DC You tried to use the White Lantern to obtain the Life Equation. Despite him not having able to keep hold of either, his forces are still strong enough to decimate planets. He is without a doubt an equal to Darkseid, and if he were to lead his armies on earth, it could lead to massive destruction, but also a chance to stop the war before it rages out of control. Wonder Woman and Green Lantern already have made allies in his armies, allowing a chance to bring them on board before the war enters full swing.

1: The White Lantern Corps.

As I mentioned above, Highfather tried to take the Life Equation to defeat Darkseid. We saw what the Life Equation could do in the hands of a man with misguided what if the current holders used it, being lead by one of the most moralistic heroes in the universe. Kyle Rayner has proven time and time again that he is the greatest lantern in the universe and with him now with the capability to lead 6 others like him into combat, without the exception of the New Guardians, Carol, and Saint Walker. The White Lanterns each contain a piece of the Life Equation, powerful enough to make even gods lust for it, and if combined they can perform wonders...maybe even end the threat of Darkseid and Anti-Monitor once and for all.

That's it for this week's Top 5 Fridays! What character do you think could turn the tide in the Darkseid War? Leave a comment and I'll see you next time!


  1. There have been alot of superhero teams introduced since new 52 started. Stormwatch, justice league dark, shade, those ghost things from the brainiac doomdsay thing....Pretty much any of em would be a huge help in this instance.

  2. The Rogues: I love these guys.
    The Teen Titans: the last crossover they had was the culling- they need a good story.
    The Legion of Superheroes- another one that needs a comeback.
    The Red Lanterns: if you're not interested in seeing them fight darksied, I don't care for you as a person.
    The Sinestro Corps: ditto.

    1. I can actually picture the Avengers 2 opening with hydra replaced by parademons and the avengers replaced by the rogues XD

  3. Ugh trinity of sin brought some bad memories...never have I hated a series so much before..

    1. I agree on the series, but the characters...... well, two out of the three were so much fun.... I wish I could say The Question was, but even after an introduction, a bunch of inclusions in issues and the Trinity of Sin series........ I still have no clue what or who the character is. Anyway, love Phantom Stranger and Pandora.

    2. I agree...although I hate the trinity of sin comic I enjoyed the new52 phantom stranger least until Blight began in it

    3. Yeah, I wish that the Dark Characters would have been left out of Forever Evil or at least been given a shot to take on the Crime Syndicate.