Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Injustice: Year Four #16 Review

Written by: Brian Buccellato
Art by: Tom Derenick and Rex lokus
Cover Price: $0.99
Release Date: August 18, 2015

Ride the Wave

I've been trying to get a grip on this "Year of the Gods" that we call Injustice: Year Four and I'm struggling.  Sure, we have gods and at times they have been kick ass, but for the most part they have been window dressing while the usual suspects beat each other up.  That all changed a couple of issues ago and even though some may have claimed it was too little, too late, I enjoyed it.  Then last week happened.  After Zeus had been standing on the sidelines, uninterested in the proceedings, he not only decided to get involved, but ended the War and became dictator of the world.  It just felt odd and forced and was my least favorite issue of Injustice EVER.  So, did this week's issue rebound and get on of my favorite books back on track?  Let's find out...

I'm going to cut to the chase here...not much happens in this issue,  It all starts with Ares feeling bad for his lot in (eternal) life, but also explaining war and those involved in it.  There is a really interesting page that shows some major players/events of the book and boils them down as the basis of any conflict...politics, passion, unpredictability and will.  I liked it because to shows that this war is not unique, even if the combatants are.  We then get something I really didn't ask for...Ares' back story.

We get to see a young god obsessed with conflict and a father who just wants to play it cool.  Is it any surprise that they were bound to butt heads?  Again, this part showed that there is always war and also that Zeus doesn't like to get involved in other's affairs.  It also showed that Ares is a hot head who wants his own way and because of that, Zeus brands him the God of War and Ares has never forgiven him for it.  It may seem a little off to lovers of mythology, but it does continue the everlasting bad luck that always seems to find Ares.

We then get a quick look at what happened after last week's cliffhanger.  Ares, Lex Luthor and Superman are hanging out and Superman is pretty pissed that the God of War didn't show up earlier.  Ares makes up for his tardiness by giving Superman an idea that could turn the tide of the war and piss his father off big time.

The issue ends with Batman and Wonder Woman at each other's throats on Themyscira and while I thought they were going to start making out at one point, they actually are pretty mad at each other.  Their hate has to take a breather, though, when the island is in trouble by the thing that Ares was talking to Superman about.  Sorry about the tiptoeing, but I hate spoilers.  If it is in fact what Ares was planning, next issue should be exciting.

Unfortunately, this issue wasn't.  After such a downer issue last week, I was hoping for something better than some back story and setup.  However, unlike last week, I have hope for at least next week. The cliffhanger was pretty awesome.

I am a Bruno Redondo man when it comes to this book, but Tom Derenick did a really good job this week.  Without much action, the issue relies on characters and Derenick nails them all.  I hope he is on a couple of issues because I'd love to see his art when things cut loose.

Bits and Pieces:

I liked this issue more than last week, but that's not saying too much.  This issue is pure setup, but it does setup some pretty awesome Year of the Gods events that I can't wait to see.  I really liked Tom Derenick's art, but in the end, I can't recommend this issue.  I hope that changes soon.



  1. I think last issue was better, at least with more info. Yeah, I also felt this issue brought up Batman/Wonder Woman pairing again: The way she yelled at Bruce seemed to imply that they had a history. . . WTF? She asked Superman to take down batman when Bruce was in great grief a few issues back, and now an "abandoned lover"? I used to think WW would kill Bruce to get Superman's love, not sure about that any more. . .

    1. It really did come off as that. I did like this issue better than the last couple and I really hope things get on track soon because this "Year" will be over before we know it