Monday, August 17, 2015

Jem and The Holograms #1 Review

Written By: Kelly Thompson
Art By: Sophie Campbell
Colors By: M Victoria Robado
Price: $3.99
Release Date: March 25th 2015

*Spoilers ahead, score at the bottom*


In the theme of keeping the 80's forever here. I decided to review Jem and the Holograms #1 by IDW reviving the 80's cartoon series. I had read this issue twice, once before I had watched the cartoon show and once after watching like 15 episodes which are now streaming on Netflix (NETFLIX GIVE ME MONEY) and I have to say I enjoyed both times. Reading it the first time was a good introduction into the main characters who are four sisters who are trying to have a successful band. This first issue was definitely set up, but it introduced the personalities of our characters, introduced the problems they are facing and the beginning of the solution. It was definitely a fine first issue as you don't want to Jam... I mean Jem?... a lot of things into your first issue, but still have enough to keep them coming back.

Now after rereading the book after watching the show I can without a doubt say the comic is amazing, The 80's cartoon was entertaining, but was only a of the surface show and didn't have much depth. It was still fun to watch, but only because it was silly... it was truly Outrageous.

The characters have much more depth and personality and that is good for revamping an old franchise especially an all female lead title. None of the characters feel generic or bland, They were able to adapt the old story line and add more things to keep it fresh while making sense. Jerrica is a fantastic singer, but has stage fright is unable to perform in front of the camera. Kimber is the youngest and is much more stubborn than the other sisters. The story sets up a battle of the bands which makes more sense than the reason Jem and the Holograms formed in the cartoon (I can't even explain it) So we have our band trying to send a music video to The Misfits battle of the band contest, but Jerrica is too scared to sing. Then we go back home where Jerrica discovers Synergy, that her father created before he died, a hologram projection that can create other holograms from her computer. Jerrica uses this to create the persona Jem so she can perform onstage (eat your heart out Hannah Montana)

The art in this book is absolutely outra... I mean gorgeous. This book is beautiful and all the characters look adorable to be honest. The way music and music videos are done are stunning and creative. All the characters are distinct and cute with their own style to match their personality. The colors in this book are what ties the artwork together, it's clean, bright and vibrant which goes well with the tone of the book. It also had a sparkly cover which convinced my girlfriend to buy it.

Bits and pieces:

An excellent debut issue for this revamped franchise that I believe is going to pay off. If you were a fan of the old show definitely pick this up you will love it and admire how they changed it but kept it true to the original story. The story is a great build up to a hopefully excellent pay off. I feel like this is a good book for any females interested in comics, but what do i know? This book had me excited to read more and watch more of the cartoon, but it did not make me look forward to the movie coming out. Honestly, go watch the trailer and tell me you did not hate it. It looks God awful and it really disappoints me because i just got started on this franchise. The book is amazing though.


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