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DC Comics: Bombshells #4 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Marguerite Bennett
Art By: Laura Braga, Wendy Broome
Digital Price: $0.99
Release Date: August 15, 2015

Heavy Is The Crown..... and Bracelets.

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

For this issue we'll be heading back to Themyscira to check back in on Wonder Woman and her prisoner Steve Trevor.  I'm excited about this issue because where I found the introduction of these characters a bit too "what we've seen a hundred times", I have high hopes that from where we go from there will be a exciting new interpretation.  Now that we've got our recruits ready, it's time to get into some combat so let's check it out.

Explain It!:

Our story begins with Steve Trevor coming off as a shell of the man we once knew him to be and while we know Steve Trevor to be escorted back to man's world by Wonder Woman, here it seems that he seriously needs her more than a simple escort because his mind isn't right.  War has had it's affects on him and I think the only way that he'll ever be okay again is with Wonder Woman keeping his concentration on her and not on the world they're returning to and the war that threatens it.  About that though, after hearing about the impending doom of man's world and the threat that might one day reach the shores of Themyscira, Wonder Woman goes to her mother and pleads that the Amazons join the fight to end the tyranny of the Nazi war machine.  Yeah, Hippolyta isn't about it and even decides that their prisoner Steve Trevor will pay for his crimes against the Amazons the following morning....... in case you don't know, they're going to kill his ass.

As Wonder Woman walks off to stare at the ocean to contemplate her mother's decision, we get introduced to a new character to this series, who just happens to be Wonder Woman's best friend in this world, Mera.  I love the inclusion to this character because I wasn't sure that she would be included at all and I love that we have this dynamic between the two with Wonder Woman being a Princess that doesn't agree with her mother the Queen's decisions, while her mother questions Diana's actions about her not being ready to rule and Mera being the second born daughter of Atlantis and thus never having a chance to rule her kingdom.  So with both being second guessed about their ability, the two decide to go on an adventure and take the fight to the Nazis, but first they're going to break Steve Trevor out of his cell.

In the end, Mera summons the ocean to slam against the stone wall leading to Trevor's cell and Wonder Woman uses it's weakened state to finish the job and simply pull it down, but before she can leave, she has to break her mother's heart more by stealing the crown, bracelets and lasso that are meant to be hers when she takes over the throne, but to do this she has to get past the guard.  After a fight that didn't quite make sense to me because Diana was already rocking the lasso, the guard prove to be the friends that they claim to be to Diana when they offer up their praise to Diana for the choice she made.  Our issue closes with our heroes saying goodbye to Themyscira and hello to the world that is waiting for them to change it.

That's it for this issue of DC Comics: Bombshells and I liked this issue a whole lot more than the previous Wonder Woman featured installment.  While I bitched about the re-run style of introducing Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor in Chapter #2, here we see that's this is a brave new world and things will be very different than we know.  I love the inclusion of Mera here, egging Diana along with her plans so the two can get some excitement in their lives and begin their adventure into the war torn world and I love the art.  The only thing that didn't really jive with me was Wonder Woman using the lasso of truth before she should have had it and with that the fact that she already had versions of these weapons that I guess were less powerful then the ones she stole.  It got a little confusing for me, but besides for that, I really enjoyed this chapter.

Bits and Pieces:

While Wonder Woman's introduction didn't wow me with a new concept before, here I'm told to suck it by Marguerite Bennett's completely new take on how our Princess makes her way to man's world and the people by her side when she does it.  We have a new artist on this chapter, but don't worry because it looks great and really works well with the art that we've already had in the first three issues.  It's a great chapter to this series and I can't wait to see where the rest of the story goes.


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