Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Episode 34 "The Marathon"

Jim and Eric cave in to  listener demand that they get rid of the "Flash Reviews" segment of the podcast and talk at length about every single DC Comics issue that hit the shelves this week.  That is fifteen books and boy, it took a long time to record this one.  I don't know if they can keep up this pace and not kill themselves or find themselves abandoned by their family and friends.  They also talk (rant) about the news including DC telling editors to stop "Batgirling" their books.  So, here is the longest podcast they will ever do...until the next one.  Enjoy!

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DC Comic Books Reviewed: Superman #43, Grayson #11, Justice League of America #3, Teen Titans #11, Aquaman #43, The Flash #43, Gotham by Midnight #8, Batgirl #43, We are Robin #3, Deathstroke #9, Injustice: Year Four #17, DC Comics: Bombshells #5, Batman: Arkham Knight #28, He-Man and the Eternity War #9, Cyborg #2, Harley Quinn #19, Sinestro #14, Justice League 3001 #3 and Prez #3

 DC Comic News: Firefly cast in Flash, Hawkman will be a regular in DC Legends of Tomorrow and DC tells editors to stop "Batgirling" the books.

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  1. Holy crap it's over 5 hours long, suweet! I'm going to have a great week now. Thanks guys but hope that you still had time for a life this weekend.

    1. You asked for it!!! I don't know that you will like what we have to say about Prez, though.

    2. You were not kidding, Prez ran into a massive shit storm.

  2. Ha ha thanks for the heads up. I'm sure that the Prez talk will be entertaining nonetheless.