Friday, September 4, 2015

Batman: Arkham Knight #29 Review

Written by: Peter J. Tomasi
Art by: Viktor Bogdanovic, Richard Friend and John Rauch
Cover Price: $0.99
Release Date: September 9, 2015

It's a Date

While I loved the Tim Drake two part side story that ended last week, I couldn't wait to get back to the main story because of one guy...Calendar Man.  I've mentioned this before, but as a comic book character, Calendar Man was never a favorite of mine, but when he showed up in the Arkham games, I was sold.  Maybe it was dealing with him on a more personal level, but I am now a fan.  So, having him in the Arkham comic is like getting the best of both worlds, if you ask me.  This issue begins a four part arc called "Burning the Days" which seems fitting and cool, but was it good?  Let's find out...

The issue starts a little more low key than usual.  It's Friday Night in Gotham and that can only mean one thing...Date Night!  Yep, Barbara and Tim are out on the town and even if Tim is way overdressed, it was still great to see.  It looks like Gotham's other power couple are maintaining a longer distance relationship, as well.  I'm talking about Batman and Jim Gordon who are busy trying to find out the whereabouts of Calendar Man.

As Batman heads of to the Solomon Wayne Courthouse to follow his only lead, Barbara and Tim settle in for a movie.  That's when the two stories intersect in a hilarious way...unless you were trying to watch the movie.  What the reader learns from this issue is Batman does not wait for any movie as he contacts Oracle for some information and she must not have seen the "turn off your cellphone" sign in the lobby.  The hilarious part is watching Tim's reaction as everyone in the theatre gets pissed off at Barbara for talking away and ruining their night.  Date Night over.

The issue ends with batman dropping into the courthouse and indeed finding who he was looking for...and a whole lot more!  The scene shows that Calendar Man has some inside information (care of the Arkham Knight we all should presume) and that Tomasi knows how to write a hell of a cliffhanger.

This book just keeps getting better and we aren't even physically dealing with the Arkham Knight here.  The way things are going, I won't mind if Tomasi puts the main main story (is that a thing?) on the back burner as long as he keeps giving us these awesome issues with such great characters.  It really is becoming a who's who of my favorite Bat villains and I can't wait to see whose next.

Victor Bogdanovic is back on art and while he turned Tim into a mini Alfred (on purpose perhaps), everything else looked as incredible as expected.  I really love when he is on this book and I hope he is around for this entire arc.

Bits and Pieces:

This issue starts the Calendar Man arc and it's off to a great start.  After a slow, but funny beginning, the pace picks up and the issue ends with a great cliffhanger that adds yet another classic character to the Arkham roster.  Victor Bogdanovic's art is a great compliment to the story as the Arkham Knight trolley keeps on cruising along.  Jump on board and enjoy one of the best books out today.  I'll be the guy in the front seat, smiling away.


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