Friday, September 4, 2015

Green Lantern 75th Anniversary: Top 5 Fridays: Green Lanterns (Who Aren't The Main Six)

Welcome back to another Top 5 Friday GREEN LANTERN ANNIVERSARY EDITION! Each Top 5 this month is going to be Lantern themed to honor the anniversary of the Green Lantern. We start this group with the Top 5 Green Lanterns that aren't from Earth. This means that any Green Lantern is available for this list with the exception of the main ones such as Hal Jordan and Alan Scott (even though he is from Earth 2). As always I want to remind every reader that this is my list, and If you don't see someone you wanted to see, I apologize. Enough talk, let's get started!

5: Arcane Green Lantern

This could be considered cheating, as he is from an earth of the Multiverse, but this is my list!
To those who didn't read the Infinite Crisis title, then you got very lucky. It was actually pretty bad, but there was one character that kept bringing me back. A character that would have the ideals of a knight, and the powers of a lantern. A character who can be considered one of the big faces to the game the comic was based on. Sir Harold Jordan can be considered than his earth prime counterpart as he became the literal heart of the team, and it's moral compass. He was also a power house too with his constructs. HE WAS ABLE TO HOLD HIS TEAM WITHIN THE BLEED! Not an easy feat and would require immense will. Its a shame because while this earth is not in continuity, I wanted to see the adventures of this Emerald Knight in other stuff! Maybe one day some writer will find the character and use him...
His oath:
In forests deep where Darkness Dwells, In Dungeons Dank 'neath ancient Fells, Let those who seek to rule the night, Beware my power, the Emerald Light

4: B'dg/Ch'p

The reason these two are tied are the point that in the end they are the same character. They are the little weapon that no one expects. Ch'p is always at Kilowog's side, caught nukes, and even was able to stop superman. All of that despite being a squirrel! B'dg however wins more points due to the fact that he is not just a patrolling lantern, he's a teacher. With him teaching Simon Baz, and leading lanterns into creating one of the coolest constructs I've ever seen (MECHA DARKSEID!) and able to talk down the Forever People and offering them to help them adjust to non-god life. Both rodents complete feats that most people would shrug off, but as Kilowog says, "They always underestimate the Squirrel."

3: Mogo

Do you know whats cool? The Death Star. Its a space station the size of a moon that can destroy entire planets in one fell swoop! Yes, its evil, but what if there was a GOOD version. That is what Mogo is the equivalent to, and that's if he wasn't alive. With his life, he has become one of the wisest and most powerful lanterns in the Galaxy. Not even for just the Green Lantern Corps, but for all Lanterns. Most of his wisest interactions are with Saint Walker, and trying to get the corps back into working order preparing to fight the First Lantern. The Guardians said that Mogo is the heart of the corps, and he has proven that time and time again, from inspiring the corps to becoming the very planet to hold their base. Without him, the Green Lantern Corps. would be a very dismal bunch.

2: Abin Sur

Next up we have the beginning of it all. When I say beginning I do mean the beginning, and I don't just mean the one who gave Hal the ring. He has been at the center of all the major lantern's stories. He was the one who trained Sinestro, found the Indigo light, prepared to fight the guardians and the Blackest Night, only to die at the hands of Atrocitus. In the alternate timelines where he's alive, he was shown to be a loyal member of his corps, taking his job as seriously as his successors after him. Then there's the Flashpoint version, where he defied the Guardians at the risk of losing his own life, for the sake of the planet Earth. In the end, he became Earth's White Lantern and saved the Earth just in time. Its stories like Flashpoint that make me question: Why Hal? I know the actual reason, but it always shows how much better Abin was in comparison.

1: Kilowog

Like you didn't expect this one, ya poozers! Kilowog is one of the most important characters that has ever graced the pages of the Green Lantern Mythos. Not because of his actions like Abin Sur, but because of what he is. He isn't a legendary Green Lantern, he's a trainer. He trained every human lantern thrown his way and was always the first to team up with them if they needed the help, especially Hal. This made it even harder as he always became the one to knock sense into Hal whenever he was acting like an idiot, in one case leading to his death. He's so important to helping the earth lanterns, he's up top for the Top 5 logo! Wherever there's an earth lantern adventure, expect this Sergeant to not be far behind!

That's it for this week's top 5 Fridays!  Who is your favorite Green Lantern?  Leave a comment and I'll see you next time!


  1. I'd replace #5 with Bzzd; and

    Number 1 with a green bullet...G'Nort (although I'd kick off Abin Sur, move B'Dg to #2 and shift everyone else accordingly.

    1. i forgot about G'nort XD

      "On Arbor Day, or Harvest Moon, no weasel shall escape my spoon... Oh wait I forgot my cheat sheet!"

  2. I really like Frankenlantern. I wish he was there for longer.