Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Injustice: Year Four #18 Review

Written by: Brian Buccellato
Art by: Mike S. Miller and J. nanjan
Cover Price: $0.99
Release Date: September 1, 2015

Fish Out of Water

Last issue was Year Four of Injustice in a nutshell for me.  There were things I loved, things that fell flat and other things that pissed me off.  I'll try to deal in the positive here and tell you that having Aquaman and Mera show up at the end was awesome.  They are two of my favorite characters and make sense to go toe-to-toe in this issue and this Year.  In fact, the reason I gave last weeks issue as high a mark as I did was because of those two showing up.  So, did they kick total ass this issue and justify that score?  Let's find out...

The issue opens on "Not Earth" with Ares.  Okay...I have liked Buccellato's depiction of Ares as a "mixer" because that's what the God of War does...he keeps the party going.  Well, this week we get to see that there is an evil party planner pulling the strings behind the scenes.  While it would make sense that it's Zeus, I don't think Buccellato would hide it like this...could it be Chronos, perhaps?  Or someone else who would really blow our minds.  Let's hope.

We then conveniently head to Lex Luthor talking with Batman about not trusting Ares.  Boy, this felt forced from the get go, but really felt off when Luthor tells Batman that he put a tracker on the God of War.  Then Batman does the thing I hate the most...he's about to reveal an important piece of information and is cut off right before the big reveal...Ughhh!

We then get to the main event...Poseidon versus Aquaman (and Mera).  The actual fight is pretty damn cool, it's just that it's intercut with Team Batman working on saving the Amazons from the impending tidal wave and Superman and Wonder Woman having another "is this all worth it?" moment.  Before you yell at me, please hear me out.  I know that everything here needs to be done, but why have it upset the pacing of the main draw of the issue?  When Buccellato buckles down to show the epic battle, it's...epic.  The best part is that Aquaman actually uses his finishing move.  I love it when this book remembers it's roots and Buccellato hasn't done it enough.

I don't know if a shark attack can actually kill the God of the Sea (I highly doubt it), but I do know that the tidal wave came crashing into Themyscira.  It's a good thing those Amazons were taken to higher ground.  I don't know who questioned that in the first place?!?  The issue ends with heroes and gods alike, fighting for their lives and breaths.

If you want to know how I feel about this issue, go back up to my introduction paragraph.  I loved the battle between Aquaman and Posiedon, the part with Batman and Lex fell flat and the bad pacing and interruptions during the battle pissed me off.  Just another day at the Year Four office.  That being said, I still enjoyed this more than what we were getting in the beginning of this Year and it still gives me hope that there is a kick ass issue coming soon.

I haven't been a Mike S. Miller supporter...until now.  Actually, I put that for dramatic effect because his last issue was really good, but he really outdid himself here.  Maybe it's the thrill of drawing the Gods that inspired him because his versions of the Olympians are awesome.  That awesomeness seems to bleed over to the whole issue because he is really kicking ass to the point that I want to see more of him in the upcoming issues.

Bits and Pieces:

This issue has it's usual flashes of brilliance, but is weighed down by inconsistency.  We get a couple of shrouded hints and mysteries of what's to come, but the main reason to buy this issue is to see Aquaman and Mera fight Posiedon...I just wish the pacing was better.  I still came away with a better than average feeling and hope for the future of this book.  I can't help it, I'm a dreamer.



  1. if poseidon really does die, will that make aquaman the god of the seas? might be how he 'undoes' the tidal wave... in any case, while i'm not too much on the side of the gods in this series, it still bugs me that the gods can be taken down by humans. i understand that they are superhumans, but still. having said that, i enjoy the series despite wanting to hate it because of its beginnings (and the fact that it's a superman/batman show, no matter how you slice it).

    1. I agree with the gods...how are they dying like this? After what he did, I think Aquaman deserves to be King of the Sea! I have been a huge fan of Injustice, but this Year has been a let down for me.

  2. He was eaten by a friggin shark!! Where has this Aquaman been hiding, he's badass!

  3. Poseidon was a bit nasty to Arthur. Seriously? Hitting your opponent in the balls? He deserved a shark bite, yeah, but not death. He seems, at least, reasonable. If that makes Arthur King of the seas, I'd also love it, because I can't wait to see a more kicking ass uniform. . . I have been waiting since Arthur's last show in Year 4! And, uh, since Ares has been teleporting, and Luthor can track him and get loads of data, no wonder they come up with a teleporting machine in Year 6.

    And I kinda want a new character to ignite the story after Year 6, if DC has the intention: Provide that Lex and Louis have a daughter (similar to the way Kon was born but without Louis knowing), who lost all her family to Superman, and inherits Luthor's power and wealth.

  4. It has to be Darkseid who Ares was talking to in the beginning. I'm 90% sure.

    1. Ha ha ha ha I forgot about the hit to the balls, that's incredibly low for a god. Darkseid never crossed my mind, damn I hope you're right.