Friday, October 16, 2015

Arrow Season 4 Episode 2 "The Candidate" Review *SPOILERS*

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This review is filled with SPOILERS
Another week, another Arrow review. Last week we had the awesome premieres of both Flash and Arrow, and it seems they have switched up their approaches. Where Flash got a little darker, Arrow got a little brighter, which could be good after seasons of being a TV equivalent to Batman
We last left Star City with the reveal of the Green Arrow and the team swears to take down the Ghosts and Damien Darhk. So how is that new mission going? Lets find out...
We open up to one of the major things I noticed and continue to hope for as the season goes on: Team Arrow working in sync. In the past seasons we see the team split apart to fight a larger threat which is fine, but if you have a team you should have shots of them fighting in sync. Take for example the dual combat in Arkham Knight, while it wasn't used enough, when you saw one person tossing a baddie to another it felt awesome. Same can be said here. The team works together leaping, getting around, and attacking together. Not only did it look good but it also continued to show Oliver growing as a character. He is trusting people again, and it really has shown since the beginning of this season. This needs to continue, it'll help the action to the point it could rival the special effects of The Flash.
After a long night of fighting the ghosts, Oliver notices something: his red-hooded sidekick was going too far...sound familiar? It should because we dealt with the storyline nearly 2 seasons ago! Thea's storyline with the Lazarus Pit after effects is becoming too much like Roy's with the Mirakuru, except she isn't seeing Roy...yet. I get that the pit is supposed to make you unhinged, like Ras, but maybe have it less rage and more explanation. Thea could kill a criminal, then explain that it was self defense, and it could build from there.
Speaking of criminal, the villain this week was supposed to be where is he? The man on the TV screen was NOT Anarky. Anarky is supposed to be hacking into public service feeds and swearing to take down the corrupt government. He has followers to help him fight against oppression and control....THIS GUY IS JUST A LOSER WITH NO FRIENDS! You are probably thinking I'm over exaggerating, but the only reason why Anarky is doing this is because of the fact that he wants to join Damien Dahrk's organization....The Anarchist who swears to tear down the wall's of corrupt organizations wants to join an Organization....WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?! Even after Damien says he won't accept him, he just continues to act like a psycho until Thea lights him on fire. In all honesty it felt like the writers just wanted Arrow to have his own version of the Joker.

With the exception of the recycled Sidekick plot and Joker wannabe, the episode was pretty solid when it comes to storylines, though I lean towards liking Felicity's more. She returns to Palmer Tech as the president...and immediately has to begin firing people. I liked this as this was whole new territory for her, and it was clear it was causing her distress. This is Felicity Smoak, one of the sweetest characters we've met in the Flarrowverse and now she has to ruin people's lives. Thankfully she found a solution at the same time Oliver found a solution in helping the city during the day: HE'S RUNNING FOR MAYOR! You know that job position that keeps opening up because every season a mayor dies...wait...WELL GOOD LUCK OLLIE!

This season is going great so far and hopefully it keeps going.

+ Oliver Character development
+ Palmer Tech Storyline
+ Team Arrow synchronization in combat.
- Anarky just a poor man's Joker
- Roy Harper Story 2.0


  1. I wasn't keen on his Mafia backstory at first but this is a show whose Black Canary was trained by the league of assassins. I'm guessing there's a potential history with him and the Huntress as well, since he's worked for her family. My impression was working for Darhk was always a means to an end, much like many of his early stories in the comics.

    1. I dont know...him ripping a tooth from a cronies mouth ddn't seem very anarky.
      i've been thinking about it since the episode and if he were to come back later in the season, now against Darhk and the government i'd be okay.Plus he could wear a variant of his costume to hide the burn scars

    2. You guessed more or less accurately. He's very much become an anti-villain opposing both Darhk and Team Arrow. No signs of him opposing the government, as he's still more or less a masochistic Joker wanna-be. However, there's room for more character development. I remember at one point in my life I was enthralled in the Dark Knight Joker's ideas about chaos and anarchy and whatnot, despite it just being nihilistic bullshit. However, it was the start of me actually studying anarchy as a political ideal, getting rid of my edgy nihilistic views, and actually giving a shit about helping the oppressed fight against corrupt systems. Anarky could go through a similar character arc. I hope