Friday, October 16, 2015

Top 5 Fridays: Moments that NEED to happen in Injustice Year 5


Welcome back to another Top 5 Friday! This week Injustice Year Four concluded and...I'll give it a C. It's not the worse thing I've ever read, but it wasn't the action packed comic we've grown to love these past four years(comic time). If I had to describe Year Four as anything, I'd call it the Year of Politics. Year One was the Invasion, Year Two was the Revolutionaries, Year Three was Espionage with Magic, all of which were a part of the same war.
 Year Five is supposed to be the final year before we reach the actual game's story, so this week we'll be taking a look at the top 5 moments that NEED to happen this year. These moments are things that happened before the events of the game, but not in the comic. This list will have spoilers for both the comic and the game, so be warned. ENOUGH RAMBLING! Lets begin!

5: Nightwing 2.0
One of the more shocking reveals when I first played Injustice's Story mode was the fact that NIGHTWING was on Superman's side. We learn that its actually Damian and Dick has been dead for a long time. Not only have we seen the death of Dick, but we have seen Damian prove his loyalty time and time again to Superman. It created an epic face off between an angry father and misguided son. However there is something Tom Taylor set up in year three that could ruin that face off: Deadman Dick, who reminded Batman that it was an accident and he needed to let Damian back into his life. Now while Batman seemed ready to forgive, Damian was not. So how do we get Batman back to being pissed at Damian? Have him become Nightwing to mock Batman of his failure!

4: Catwoman's Betrayal
Another shocking change in the Injustice game was Catwoman on the side of Superman. She claimed to join the Regime in her attempt to protect Bruce...though the question is from what? All we know is that it was something immense and it lead to Batman hating her guts. Last time we saw them have a moment, they kissed because the Bat and Cat were meant to be. That being said the series has since then had Catwoman on the back burner; Always in the fight, but never a major player as she was back in year one.  This has to be the year where Catwoman is given a choice to save Batman, but by doing so betrays his trust.

3: Zod is revealed

This is less of a NEED and more of a WANT but it's a WANT that by all accounts would make the most sense. Throughout the series, every character at one point or another has been used, as expected...but to most people's shock... EVEN THE DLC CHARACTERS WERE USED IN THE STORY! Martian Manhunter 'died' in year one, Lobo was sent to hunt Superman, John Stewart joined the Regime in year two, Zatanna was a major player in year three, and now Batgirl has gotten out of her wheelchair. The only DC DLC character left, and one of the only people left who can actually stand up to Superman in a physical fight, is General Zod. He could be used as Batman's last stand to fight against Superman before turning his attention towards the multiverse.

2: Black Adam's Return
Hey, remember that other major villain leader that sided with Superman in the war? Yeah, I think most have. As I said, Zod is the last real threat to Superman physically, but that doesn't mean that there isn't a magic man in the wings to help out in the fight. Last time we saw Magic's First Champion, he came down with the bad case of the old age. I doubt they would just let Adam go free, so the Regime probably has him locked away with his mouth covered. If Superman is in trouble, especially with someone as tough as Zod or our number one, he will need all the super beings he could get.

1: Doomsday comes back
Doomsday is the linchpin to almost all of Superman's plans in the game's story. When Superman finally gets Doomsday under his control, he will have the most powerful weapon in the entire universe. No one is able to stop Doomsday with the exception of Superman.
Theres just one problem...DOOMSDAY ISN'T ON THE PLANET! Jim thinks that Doomsday is actually the thing that got out from Luthor's Lab, and while that would be what makes sense game wise, I looked back at the shape in the tube: it's not Doomsday shaped. This means that either it's a clone that mutates into Doomsday, or Doomsday is coming back while everyone's distracted...either way...the injustice world is doomed

Thats it for the top 5 things that need to happen in Injustice Year 5! What plot points or characters do you think need to be addressed next year? Leave a comment and I'll see ya next time!

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