Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Episode 40: Really Bad One-Liners

Jim and Eric are at it again, whatever that means.  They get right to it on this one and discuss what little news came out of New York City Comic Con and then tackle this week's DC Comics offerings.  Something must have been in the air because they agree so much that it even freaked them out.  Also included is Listener Mail, Reggie's Recklessness, a super sized edition of Ryan's Clark's Other Side and Professor DC's lesson on Swamp Thing.  We hope you enjoy it and "Make yourself scarce like the dirt on a tire in the middle of the forest during sundown!"

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DC Comics News: Justice League Dark movie is happening, Greg Capullo taking a break from Batman in 2016, Dark Knight Returns gets a prequel from Frank Miller, Brian Azzarello and John Romita Jr.

DC Comics Books reviewed: Batman and Robin Eternal #1, Telos #1, Detective Comics #44, Green Lantern #45, Action Comics #45, Batman Beyond #5, Injustice: Year Four #23, Green Arrow Annual #1, Lobo #11, Omega Men #5, Cyborg #3, Green Arrow #45 and Midnighter #5

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