Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Flash Season 2 Episode 2 "The Flash of Two Worlds" Review and *SPOILERS*

Multi-Mind Blowing
With the awesome opening last week, especially with the ending, I couldn't wait until this week's episode. Episode 1 already promised so much, and with my favorite subject, the Multiverse, being prodded at this season, I know this season could potentially blow the first season out of the water.
So we now have not just metahumans but Earth 2 doppelgangers endangering the city, so maybe it's time we had two speedsters helping out! Did that happen? Lets find out...
We open right where we left off: Jay Garrick revealing who he is and why he is on Earth. He was fighting the new big bad, Zoom, when the singularity drew him in from his Earth. I will say that this is a great way to introduce Zoom and he looks petrifying. Not only does it show how much of a monster he is both physically and mentally, but also promotes the mystery of who the guy actually is. I've seen a lot of people say it's Eddie or future Barry, but in my opinion I think theres a good chance he could be Selkirk in the new Flash comics as an amalgamation between him and Jay Garrick's Reverse Flash AKA the Rival.
Another great thing that came from this interaction was a good, straight-forward explanation of the Multiverse. Rather than explain the facts of what each earth of the multiverse is(as I often do), it just explains the core concept and have the details simple. Its nice especially for people new to the non-comic readers. Unfortunately it also leads to a small tid-bit that depressed me: Jay lost his powers in the transfer. I know its still the beginning of the season, and Jay will be in and out, but I was expecting twin speedsters fighting meta humans. We still have over twenty episodes so it doesn't mean that it will never happen, but still.

Along with Jay and Zoom, we get another new character for the cast, Patty Spivot. Throughout the episode, she keeps trying to join Joe West's Anti-Metahuman Task Force, after being inspired by the Flash and swearing to put evil Meta's behind bars.
While it isn't exactly like the Patty in the comics job wise, she still meshes well with the cast, specifically with Barry. The writers are already hinting at the relationship between the two and it makes me realize more and more how much the pair do act like a dorky couple(which they are, don't try and sugar coat it) in comparison of Barry and Iris. It makes me happy she is on the show, and makes me hope the writers don't force the relationship like they did with Linda Park.

If I had to point out any negatives to the episode it would have to be Barry's original interactions with Jay Garrick. He was just a huge unnecessary jerk! He explains later in the episode that he is just wary since Wells betrayal, but REALLY? Refusing details on the Meta-of-the-Week? Criticizing his friends for being so trusting? Locking Jay up in the Metahuman cells at STAR Labs, especially when Caitlin tested him to see that he had no powers?! This is BARRY ALLEN, probably the friendliest DC hero of all time!

In the end, with the exception of Barry's Jerk mode and disappoint from lack of double speedster action, this episode continues the amazing Flash show, and helps continue hyping season 2.

+Jay Garrick and Patty Spivot for the win
+Simple explanation of the Multiverse
-Only one speedster for this team up
-Barry is an unnecessary dick


  1. There's something big coming from the reveal at the end! But I was confused as it looked like a future timeline... maybe Eobard's time??

    1. I think it's earth 2 and that is the Earth 2 Harrison wells. I know it's a stretch but the scene seemed tinted gold from the sun, a nod towards the golden age perhaps?

    2. Yeah, I totally thought Earth 2 when I saw that scene

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