Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Injustice: Year Four #24 Review

Year of Our Discontent

Written by: Brian Buccellato
Art by: Bruno Redondo, Juan Albaran, Rex Lokus, Wes Abbott
Cover Price: $0.99
Release Date: October 13, 2015

Year Four is coming to an end and while I was not a fan of the entire Year of the Gods story, it had it's moments.  While I wish that the New Gods would have shown up earlier and became more integral to the overall story, at least they finally did show up.  After a couple of setup heavy issues, visions of Superman vs Darkseid vs Batman vs Highfather vs Zeus have been dancing in my head.  I know, that's a crazy thing to dream about, but nobody ever said I was sane.  Least not my bevy of doctors on call.  Well, I say the hell with them and let's get on with the review of the final issue of Injustice: Year Four.

The issue opens with Zeus and Highfather face-to-face and looking pretty pissed off at each other.  While Zeus seems to be the one who wants to shout the loudest, Highfather just wants to work things out.  In one of the coolest moments of this entire Year, Highfather does a little Zack Morris "Time-Out" to talk privately  with Zeus.

I know that everyone is supposed to give peace a chance, but after this entire Year of injustice, I wanted blood.  I also wanted kicks, punches and general chaos.  Sadly, we didn't get anything even close.  Highfather talked a good game and Zeus decides that it's time to take his wife home and forget about these mortals forever.  Before he leaves, however, Highfather demands that he give Billy Batson his powers back and I was glad to see it...just not as glad as Harley Quinn.

There are so many people that could be blamed for what happened this Year (I am talking about the characters in the book, by the way), but Superman zeroes in on dickhead #1...Ares.  He flies into space and grabs him (not sure how that actually worked) and then takes him to Apokolips.  All right, now we'll get some fighting, right?  Wrong.  Instead of fisticuffs, Superman gives Ares to Darkseid and tells him to deal with him.  That's it?  Why is Darkseid listening to Superman?  Where is the bloodshed?!?  Don't judge me.

We then go off to New Genesis where Highfather is dropping knowledge bombs on Orion.  It's an okay scene that ends up being pretty important when Highfather explains that the fight will include a little multiverse action.

Superman then flies off to have a little chat with the World Leaders who had the balls to try nuking Paradise Island.  If you were expecting violence here, you would once again be mistaken.  Superman just tells them he's in charge, flashes his glowing red eyes and heads off.  The issue ends with Batman standing up Superman (smart move, Bruce), Batman talking to Lex about gathering an army and Lex finding out his big experiment has flown the coop.

This issue was such a disappointment.  After twenty three issues promising a huge, no holds barred battle royal, we get pretty much nothing but a godly peace accord.  While the idea of the multiverse and more Lex Luthor coming in Year Five has me stoked, for now I am pissed off at the missed opportunities that Year Four left on the table.

While the story was disappointing, the same can't be said about the art.  Bruno Redondo does his usual great job and everything looked great.  I just wish he had at least one big action scene to stretch his wings.

Bits and Pieces:

This finale to Injustice: Year Four was very much like the entire Year...a disappointment.  In fact, this whole Year felt like a missed opportunity as it ends with a fizzle.  I do like the ideas that it set up for Year Five, but cannot recommend it to anyone wanting to see what this Injustice book is all about.  I really hope that Year Five is better.



  1. Yeah this year was flat out boring and a waste, I feel disappointed for reading this year injustice. Hopefully with year five , we can finally reach the point of the game and wash our. Hands for this series

  2. I wonder if Lex's monster will be afraid for fire. He shouldn't be, because fire is friend - fire is good! Maybe they can draw Gene Hackman as Lex and he can teach the monster that.

    1. what is lex's monster is it doomsday

    2. What ever the 'destiny' - there is no escaping

    3. doomsday would make sense for the game, but I really want it to be Bizarro

    4. Okay - I see this was lost on everyone...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXGzO2aDDRU

      I was going to make espresso!

  3. I admit Year Four was the weakest of Injustice, but I feel the premise was actually promising. It was the execution that failed. The poor pacing, out-of-character moments, and overall plot points made the year weak.