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The Legend of Wonder Woman #2 (2015) Review

Stag Party

Written by: Renae De Liz
Art by: Renae De Liz and Ray Dillon
Cover Price: $0.99
Release Date: November 20, 2015

When the first issue of this book hit the Digital First page, I was both surprised and excited. Surprised that it snuck up on me (and that DC allowed it too) and excited because I had been waiting since it was announced to read it.  I was not disappointed one bit.  The art and story combined to make this a great fairytale-like telling of Wonder Woman's origin and while De Liz herself told me that she never claimed it was to be the "definitive" origin of the character, if she keeps this up she may not have a choice in the matter.  Yes, I think it is that good and beg everyone to give it a try.  Okay, now that I have shown my true colors as a newly card-carrying De Liz/Dillon fanboy, I better get on with my review of this week's follow up issue.  Will I keep yelling from the mountaintops about this book?  Let's find out...

This issue starts out with Diana and her mother, Hippolyta, talking about Diana's lessons.  It certainly shows that little Diana is as smart as a whip, but does so much more.  De Liz uses this nice mother/daughter scene to show Diana's curiosity for the outside world and also the little girl's defiance when it comes to submitting to what's expected of her.  Two things pop out during this scene...Diana's insistence that something bad is coming to Themyscira and her questioning if she wants to ever become immortal.

The coming darkness is interesting enough and is sure to help Diana get her wish to become a warrior princess, but the question of immortality really hit home to those who read the first chapter of this book.  It's something that Hippolyta fought her entire life and even gave up for a time, trying to have a daughter.  Now that daughter is questioning it and Hippolyta can only dismiss her.  The scene is only helped by the great art that really stressed the emotions of the scene.

Diana leaves her Mother and immediately goes to watch the training of the young Amazon warriors. She hides in the shadows as Alcippe yells and screams at the young girls that they can't get anything right before leaving in disgust...right after seeing Diana hiding.  I hope that is foreshadowing for some secret training very soon.

De Liz has naturally given us a Diana full of life, rebellion, and curiosity and that continues as she goes against every rule and leaves the city to explore the island.  She eventually is approached by a golden stag who leads her to the shoreline.  It's an awesome scene that is all the better if you are a fan of mythology.

Sometimes it's hard to review these Digital First chapters as they aren't a whole until they are collected for the print version, but that's not the case here.  I am smitten with this book and really have fallen for the characters and world within its pages.  It's a combination of the great art, simple yet universal story and the mythology of it all.  If anyone claims that DC Comics isn't getting things right nowadays, I'm going to point them towards this book.  The best part is, this is an all-ages book and while I'm sure little girls will love it instantly, I had my nine-year-old son read it and like his father, he is hooked.

The art is such a big reason why I'm so gung ho about this book and I said it last week and I'll say it again...this is the cutest I've ever seen little Diana portrayed.  You can't help but fall in love with her the minute you see her.  De Liz and Dillon don't stop with her, either, as everything has a cartoony yet classical look that fits the source material so well.

Bits and Pieces:

Renae De Liz and Ray Dillon continue giving readers a great book that Wonder Woman fans of all ages can enjoy.  While this middle chapter of the first arc is heavy in the setup department, the story is still top-notch and the art is superb.  I have fallen head over heels in love with this title and expect everyone who gives it a try to do the same.


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  1. I have been in love with this book. I am baffled why DC keeps their awesome digital firsts a secret. If they actually advertised these things, there would be alot more readers.