Friday, April 24, 2020

Star Wars Special: C-3PO #1 (2016) Review

Do Protocol Droids Dream of Electric Shaak?

Written by: James Robinson
Art by: Tony Harris and Joe Caramagna
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: April 13, 2016
Publisher: Marvel

I know that we are a DC Comics site and that Marvel is supposed to be the enemy of all we hold sacred, but I'm not a dick and I love me some Star Wars.  To prove that, I saw The Force Awakens twice in the theater and still haven't seen Batman v Superman.  Actually, that is more because of my lazy and cheap nature, but the facts are the facts.  So, with the opportunity that Just for the Hell of it Mondays brings, I am going to review this book because...well, because it's Star Wars.  Also, I haven't reviewed a James Robinson book since the excellent Airboy and while I expect more robots and less huge penises here, I'm sure I'll get over that fact early and enjoy it all the same.  Well, did I?  Let's find out...

The issue begins with what seems to be a normal day in the life of C3PO...ship crash lands, big explosions and death followed by an annoying droid who seems to think he knows the right direction to go for help.  Of course, that droid is C3PO himself, but this time he isn't arguing with an astromech.  Nope, he's got a variety of droids with him, the likes of which haven't been seen since I slept over my friend Joe Gunn's house when I was eight years old.

James Robinson really tapped into something here.  I am not joking...this beginning felt like something I would have acted out with my action figures as a young Star Wars nerd and I loved it! While things get a little more philosophical from here on out, Robinson still maintains a bit of this magic through the entire issue.

It all continues as the group of droids begin their journey and we get a droids look at the meaning of life followed by a huge battle with Spice Spiders.  Yep, Spice Spiders!!!  It's cool as hell, but also continues to look at the philosophy of a droids life.  Is it run strictly by programming?  Should it be? As far as Omri, the captured First Order droid who is (too) conveniently set up to be the bad guy thinks, the only good enemy droid is a dead one. I know we aren't supposed to like Omri, but I do.

Omri and C3PO continue their philosophical debate and it's no big surprise that our hero falls on the "It's our lot in life" side of the fence.  Once again, though, it's all interrupted by another crazy situation that spotlights another droid as a hero before taking it away from us.  I should have made that plural because after the scene is over, the only ones left are Omri and C3PO.  Oh yea, his arm doesn't survive the scene either.

The issue ends with a flurry of events that show that sometimes Friendship can overcome programming and that I was right all along about Omri.  We also get a couple of nice cameo for The Force Awakens fans out there and yes, we find out how C3PO got his red arm.

James Robinson and Tony Harris give Star Wars fans a one-shot story that is great for completists, but not really necessary for anyone else.  I did enjoy reading this story, and while the script was good and the art was okay, it still left me feeling like I will just forget all about it all in a couple of weeks.

Bits and Pieces:

I will not lie and tell you that this story is necessary for any fan save a total completist.  If you HAVE to find out about C3PO's red arm, then you should be satisfied by the end and get a couple of cool moments as a bonus.  If you are just in the mood for a good Star Wars story, there are plenty of others stories out there which will serve you better, but if you have $4.99 to spare and like C3PO or the droids in the Star Wars Universe, you may get some enjoyment here.


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