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Rick and Morty #2 (2015) Review

Flaunt the Goods

Written by: Zac Gorman
Art by: CJ Cannon, Ryan Hill and Marc Ellerby and Crank!
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: May 13, 2015
Publisher: Oni Press

Way back when (actually in September 2015), I reviewed Rick and Morty #1 (HERE) and really enjoyed it.  Well, last night I couldn't sleep and ended up watching six episodes of the cartoon and right then and there, decided to get back to reviewing the series for our Just for the Hell of It Mondays thingee.  The one thing that I like about this series is that it does have a continuous storyline which also made me go back and read issue #1 again.  Damn you, Zac Gorman, making me work and all.  Now that I am up to speed again, here is my review for Rick and Morty #2...

We obviously pick up right where we left off (continuous storyline, you know) and the laughs come very quickly.  Rick and Morty are in Time Court, accused of various crimes including a new one that is probably the funniest part of the entire issue.  If you haven't seen the show, this beginning may throw you off a bit because, like the cartoon, this is not an all-ages affair.  If you are a fan of the show, you will just shake your head and laugh just like I did.  After a guilty verdict is handed down, the two are off to The Clackspire Labyrinth, but before we get there, we head back to Earth to check in with Jerry, Beth and Summer.

If you haven't read last issue, the reason that Rick and Morty were on trial was because Jerry turned them in.  Yea, they deserved it, but really, Jerry?!?  At least he's being punished for his narkness by being banished to the basement.  Of course, Jerry is pretty oblivious and makes the best out of it...he even names the basement and yes, he calls it "Jerryland".  However, while moving his mini fridge into Jerryland, he knocks over one of Rick's jars and it doesn't look like what slithers out is going to be happy and nice.  Maybe I'm making more out of it since we don't see much, but I'm sure we will find out soon enough (continuous storyline, you know).

Back in the Clackspire Labyrinth, Rick and Morty are getting used to their surroundings (well, Rick is) and while I can't say anything really mind shattering or exciting goes on, there is a big joke that may not have had me laughing out loud, but it certainly fits the character and makes the whole situation really goofy.

That situation carries on through the rest of the issue as Rick and Morty try to find their way out of the Labyrinth and back home.  It ends with a rather surprising and touching way that I really didn't expect.

The backup story is all about Summer and her experiences with fast food.  I actually enjoyed this more than the regular feature, but that may stem from loving it anytime I get to see anthropomorphic food wearing silly hats.  Just know this...Summer has seen some shit!

If you are wondering why this review is so short, it's because not a whole lot happens in this issue. While I like the continuous storyline thing (continuous storyline, you know), that sort of thing can lead to setup issues and this one is actually teetering on filler.  It did have some good moments, but for a the second issue of a series, I expected more.

I kind of hinted at it above, but how much you like this comic really is going to come down to if you've seen and enjoyed the cartoon.  Someone who hasn't seen the show might write off the art as "basic" and will not get the relationships of the main characters.  Unfortunately, this issue relies so heavily on those and doesn't give us much more.

Bits and Pieces:

As a huge Rick and Morty fan, this issue was a disappointment.  While the characters and art were spot on, we get setup and not much more.  This issue boiled down to  two good laughs a good cliffhanger and see ya next month.  If that's enough for you, so be it, but for $3.99, I expect more.


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