Friday, April 24, 2020

Invader Zim #2 (2015) Review

Track or Catch...Nobody Rides For Free

Written by: Jhonen Vasquez and Eric Trueheart
Art by: Aaron Alexovich, Megan Lawton, Simon Troussellier, J.R. Goldberg and Warren Wucinich
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: August 19, 2015
Publisher: Oni Press

I am back with another review of Invader Zim from Oni Press and while I type this, my youngest son is busy watching the show.  He actually saw the comic as I gathered my stuff for review and wanted to know what it was.  After assuring him (maybe lying a wee bit) that is wasn't "something old", I put on episode one and he is still watching it after five minutes which is a win in my house.  So, I will keep you updated as I review Issue #2 of Invader Zim.

The issue starts off with Recap Kid giving everyone a rundown of what happened last issue and I can only sit back and wish that he was allowed to freelance a bit because I'd love him showing up in every book I read and review.  Yea, he's that great!

With everyone up to speed, the comic blasts off into space where we see Zim getting ahold of The Tallest with an update of what he's been up to.  Of course, they don't recognize Zim at first and then wonder how he isn't dead after all this time.  Poor Zim!  We then see Dib who is on trying to find Zim and stop him, but is way lost.  Lost in Space!  After some fighting with Tak's ship (which he kinda stole), he is finally on his way to save Earth.

Of course, there are some detours on the way and the first is Dib warping to a cosmic attraction that I just have to visit...The Galaxy's Largest Space Donut!  It seems that Zim was there, but even after buying a whole lot in the gift shop (they always end the tour in the gift shop!), he is pretty much back to square one.

While the reader gets to see where Zim is heading, Dib starts tracking him down, one galactic attraction at a time.  After coming up empty over and over, Dib finds out first hand that snarky rocket ship A.I.'s sometimes live on the idea of semantics and after learning the difference between "track" and "catch", he is off to where we know Zim will be...or at least was last.  It's the latter and while that sucks for Dib, we get a hilarious flashback story that is a real hoot for Gir fans and after one last transaction, Dib is back on the case.  

I have to give Jhonen Vasquez and Eric Trueheart credit because besides one having an awesome name like Trueheart (sorry Jhonen!), this issue is so good despite not a whole lot happening.  It's all about the character interaction and dialogue and it kicks ass!

That all changes (the not a whole lot happening, not the kick ass dialogue) when Dib finds Zim and we get a space battle, a crash landing, a big chase, but it seems that nothing can stop Zim's big and evil plan.  I know that sounds like a big spoiler, but in this case it's more of what the plan actually was and it is downright hilarious...and a little bit sad.

Jhonen Vasquez and Eric Trueheart really are giving fans of Invader Zim a reason to come back with such a fun comic.  I already said that no a whole lot happens to push the overall story forward, but now that I think of it...what is the overall story anyway?!?!  If it's watching Zim and Dib fight with each other while both failing miserably then I guess things do happen and it's all great stuff.

Aaron Alexovich's art is right on and I know it sounds like a phrase from the Comic Reviews for Dummies book, but this series looks like it jumped off the television screen right onto the page.  The whole art team does a superb job and Dib's eyes stay brown the entire issue...I think.

By the way, Logan watched the entire episode, but when I asked him if he wanted to watch the second episode, he said he's rather play outside.  The nerve of him!

Bits and Pieces:

Invader Zim #2 continues the fun that Invader Zim #1 started.  I hope that Invader Zim #3 continues what Invader ZIm #2 did.  Don't get me started about Invader Zim #4...Wait a second.  I'm sorry, let me close the Comic Reviews for Dummies book.  Okay, that's better.  This series is a dream come true for Invader Zim fans and those who want to know what all the hype was (is?) about.  If you are in either of those groups or just want to read a hilarious comic with great characters, give this book a try.  I bet you Logan would love it if I can just stop him from doing all that playing and exercising.


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