Monday, February 8, 2016

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Prequel Chapter 2 Featuring Lois Lane Review and **SPOILERS**

It’s Really About Ethics in Newspaper Journalism

Written By: Christos Gage
Art By: Joe Bennett, Sean Parsons, Hi-Fi
Letters By: Deron Bennett
Digital Price: Free with purchase of 20 oz. Dr. Pepper® or Diet Dr. Pepper® or “Doc” Pepper’s Slam BLAST!!® or Ms. Pepper’s Cherries Jubilee® or Ms. Pepper’s Cherries Jubilee BLAST!!®
Release Date: February 3, 2016

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

We’re all on the edges of our seats, gripping our armrests and gritting our teeth in anticipation of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Dr. Pepper revels in it. They want to exploit our compulsive need to know by releasing digital chapters to a prequel comic, each chapter focusing on one of the core characters. Thankfully, the internet is a populist haven for teasers and spoilers, and every chapter has been released online for public consumption. And you know what means, dear readers: they’ve also been released for critique and nit-picking! I dove into the world of Zack Snyder’s Lois Lane in this second chapter to this promotional comic, and came up for air to write this review!

Explain It!:

This comic gives up some world-building information immediately, as on the first page we see Lois Lane and Clark Kent striding purposefully from the Daily Planet Newsroom to their respective assignments: Clark to cover some floods in Bangladesh, Lois to expose a corrupt corporate executive. Humorously, in the next panel, we see Lois waiting for the elevator to the lobby, while Clark starts to ascend the adjacent staircase. Perhaps Kent will be covering these floods in more than a reporter’s capacity.

Lois keeps her meeting with one Mark Hanford, owner and proprietor of Hanford Technologies. She wastes no time laying into this poor bastard, revealing proof that he covered up the existence of three Kryptonian technologies uncovered during the excavation of his old headquarters, which was demolished during the events of the Man of Steel. Lane shows Hanford that she knows he tried to sell this tech online and didn’t report it to Homeland Security, which is bad because then they feel left out. Feeling backed into a corner, Hanford pulls a gun on Lois, but she calmly points out that he still has a chance to explain himself if he doesn’t commit cold-blooded murder. She says she can spin his story to show that he was merely trying to raise some capital to do good for Metropolis, and with the right PR he could be out of prison in about twelve years. Some sirens are heard, and Lois says she already informed the Metropolis Police and Homeland Security, but when the sirens go away Hanford realizes he’s been tricked—and this realization allows him to bring his guard down just long enough for Lois to beat the snot out of him. Later, we see Lex Luthor has absorbed Hanford Technologies in his continuing quest to rebuild Metropolis…but is it for the citizens, or for him? Spoiler: it’s for him. Definitely part of some evil plot by Luthor.

That about wraps it up for chapter two of this promotional comic. Not a ton of stuff happens, but you do get the idea that Lois is headstrong, capable, and perhaps a little bit arrogant—but she does have the muck-raking and butt-kicking credentials to back that up. This chapter moves along at a good clip and what’s happening in the dialogue is overwrought, but compelling enough to keep reading. Which, I suppose, is about as good as one can expect. I don’t know that this chapter has increased my anticipation for the movie, but it definitely didn’t kill it.

Bits and Pieces:

What you’ve got here is a fairly cool scene from a movie, translated to the comic format. Most of it takes place in one room and there’s a lot of back-and-forth chatter, but the characterization and dialogue are nicely developed and enjoyable to read. The whole comic is pretty well-executed, to be fair, it’s just not exactly chock full of action. We do learn quite a bit about the world post-Man of Steel, but a lot of it is revealed in the other chapters as well. At least the price is right.