Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Five Chapter #8 Review and *Spoilers*

Bully Beakdown

Written by: Brian Buccellato
Art by: Iban Coello, J. Nanjan and Wes Abbott
Cover Price: $0.99
Release Date: February 9, 2016

I am a huge Injustice fan and have enjoyed Year Five so far, but I had to cry foul last week as we got an issue that was more catch-up than anything else.  With so little time left before the series is over, it felt odd to waste time rehashing Batman and Superman's grudge and explaining what the super pill is all about.  Hey, I'm all about giving new readers a jumping on point, but if you don't know these things yet, I don't know if this is the time to learn them.  Brian Buccellato redeemed himself a bit when we got a cliffhanger of a really pissed off Hawkman heading to Earth.  Hawkgirl's going to  have some 'splainin to do and it all goes down this week.  So, does this issue push the story forward or are we stuck treading water yet again?  Let's find out...

The issue opens with Hawkgirl in San Francisco.  She's got Cheshire in tow and we get a nice little bit with Sinestro who is pretty irked to be involved in this villain roundup.  You know Sinestro...everything is below him.  After an abrupt transition, Shiera returns to the Hall of Justice to find a Thanagarian Cruiser and then it's owner...Hawkman!  Let the fun begin.

Well,  I guess I shouldn't say "fun" because Hawkman is just plain awful.  He is a sexist brute who surely has a wife beater on underneath his Nth Metal Armor, but he might just be the breath of crappy air this book needs right now.

Hawkman's awfulness doesn't go unnoticed and while Hawkgirl is first to step up, Cyborg jumps in as well.  The line of the issue goes to Cyborg after Hawkman calls him an android and Cyborg responds, "I'm a cyborg, idiot.  That's why they call me Cyborg."  It would be even funnier if Cyborg didn't get his ass handed to him by Hawkman.

That's when Wonder Woman shows up and it really felt like Mom coming home from work and catching the children fighting.  She sends Hawkman flying through the air, then a wall, then some more air...but, it's Hawkgirl that shows the most toughness by challenging Hawkman one-on-one.

It's a brutal battle that goes back and forth, but Hawkgirl outlasts her husband and the victory felt bigger than just a fight in a comic book based on a video game.  I loved it and while I was always more of a Hawkman fan than a Hawkgirl supporter, Buccellato may have changed my mind.

The issue ends with Hawkgirl, Cyborg and Wonder Woman telling Hawkman to "Get of our Planet" (say it like Harrison Ford in Air Force One), but why would they just walk away?  I don't know if Hawkman is going to listen...he really doesn't seem like a good loser and Team Batman is looking for recruits.  I guess we'll have to wait and see if it bites them in the ass.

I liked this issue, but it still doesn't push the story forward one bit.  It was more of a side story than anything else and makes me wonder if we will just spend the rest of Year Five gathering the troops for a big beat down before the proper ending.  I am giving it points for the fun factor, but also deducting for the lack of progression.

Iban Coello's art, on the other hand, gets full out kudos from me.  This issue looks fantastic with great character models and even better action scenes.  This is one of the best looking issues this year so far.

Bits and Pieces:

This issue of Injustice is pure fun and I had a ball reading it, but it doesn't push the overall story ahead one bit.  I loved seeing Hawkman, but loved seeing him get his ass kicked even more.  The art and action are worth the price of admission, I just wish there was more story to back them up.



  1. Well by the end of year five , hawk girl is going to wish that she followed Hawkman back to thanager

  2. What a fun issue with some kick ass art... Skreeeeeee!

    1. It's fun in a wife beating sort of way...wait a minute, that's not fun at all! You are an awful person Manship!

  3. Never claimed to be a good person. 😆

  4. Why does the url have"injustice-gods-among-us-year-five_10.html" when it should be "injustice-gods-among-us-year-five-8.html"?
    Injustice's Hawkman's awfully portrayed. I can sit through him dying. Bruce always respects women, so why should he recruit Hawkman? Anyway, Hawkman will join the insurgency and die, then Hawkgirl will try to avenge him in the games' personal ending. So superman or wonder woman, who will do the killing this time?
    Why can't I find your annual review? Give me a link please.
    I am making sweet Year Seven stories to myself so now I'm totally ok with progression-free plots of year five. Brilliant art is all I want and this chapter satisfies me so much.

    1. I did like the art as well...and yes, Hawkman is an awful guy! I can't wait until he dies a horrible death.

      I'm not sure why the url went up like that...sometimes they are goofy like that.