Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Batman/Superman #29 Review

The Finest Indeed

Written by: Tom Taylor
Art by: Robson Rocha, Julio Ferreira, Blond and Rob Leigh
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: February 10, 2016

Tom Taylor is back for the second part of his Batman/Superman story that gives us the classic duo involved in a murder mystery that became very personal for Superman by the end of last issue. Throw in Lobo and a bounty on Batman's head and you got a setup for a pretty cool story that I was looking forward to, mainly in hopes of getting answers to the slew of questions I had after reading last month's issue.  Well, did I get the answers I was hoping for and was the issue good with or without them?  Let's find out...

The issue starts off with what I thought was going to be recap and then -BAM!- I was thrown for a loop when out of nowhere, the father of the dead alien from last issue showed up, scooped her up and took her into his space ship.  Batman and Superman followed them inside and after some hilarious dialogue, the ship took off and they went to talk to the elder alien.

Last issue was fun, but in just a couple of pages, Tom Taylor had me laughing out loud with Batman and Superman's back and forth.  It wasn't forced at all and while it was all for laughs, it felt true to the characters.  It all lead to Superman talking to a giant alien lizard space traveler and yes, it was as great as that sounds.

The fun continues as Batman and Superman find out the how and why the female alien (we find out her name was Mylara) knew of and signaled to Batman and Superman while dying.  Again, it makes total sense and was cool and ties into the characters pasts and continuity.  They also discuss the map that Mylara had and that sends Superman off to explore what should be "Scorch Space" while Batman stays behind.  We then find out who murdered Mylara, but not why...yet.

Batman and the Alien then have a nice talk about Mylara and while I'm sure some may say it was filler, I liked it as a way to flesh out the story.  It ended on cue with a great looking full page spread of Superman who is flying into Scorch Space.  It was already hinted that the map was what lead to Mylara's murder and it's now obvious that someone doesn't want Superman to explore any further, but he's Superman and unlike the one we've been getting lately in the DC You, this one is fully powered and fully awesome!  It's no surprise that he immediately finds the Kryptonian (who looks a lot like Father Time) and snatches him away.

We then go back to Batman who figures out that things aren't what they seem with the alien father.  It's one of those World's Greatest Detective moments that read like an M. Night Shyamalan twist when he still had something to say and people still cared.  I loved it and I also loved what came from it...Lobo.  Shit just got real!

After another hilarious joke, Batman shows the Czarnian that even without powers, he is truly a bad ass of epic proportions and then goes one better by showing the Alien, Lobo and the reader that he indeed prepares for everything.  Believe me when I tell you how cool it was to see Batman blow Lobo's face off and then slip away like only Batman can...and then add insult to Lobo's injury by stealing his ride.

The issue ends with Batman again thinking two steps ahead, but unfortunately it may not be quick enough for Superman.  It looks like everyone in this book is being played (even Lobo) and it all centers on Superman.  The cliffhanger page was so good and has me so pumped for next issue.

Tom Taylor answered almost all of my questions in this middle chapter and I loved everything he gave us.  The story opened up with just the right pace and was filled with humor and tension.  This is the type of story that we've been missing during the Truth crossover and in the DC You in general. Please DC, put Tom Taylor on as many books as he can handle once Rebirth starts!

Robson Rocha and Julio Ferreira just nail the art in this issue, but I also have to mention the great color work from Blond as well.  Together, they give fans such a good looking issue with art that just pops off the page.  The colorful artwork really fits the classic feel of the story and I loved it.

Bits and Pieces:

Tom Taylor answered all my questions and concerns from last issue of Batman/Superman and gave fans one great issue filled with humor, mystery, tension and action.  I had so much fun reading it and the art by Robson Rocha, Julio Ferreira and Blond made it a pleasure to look at as well.  Highly Recommended.



  1. Anyone have thoughts on who this "last kryptonian" is?? Now my real question and it's about Superman's breathing in space... So Superman cannot breath in space? Does he NEED oxygen to survive? And wouldn't the sun burn up his breath mask and his communication device?? Don't get me wrong I loved this issue, just curious about Sup's breathing stuff.

    1. Tom Taylor said the mask is there so he can talk in space...he doesn't need it to survive. It's a pet peeve of his that nobody can talk in space without an oxygen mask

  2. I agree completely.

    It's extremely satisfying to see these two being written properly, especially in their New 52 Incarnations. I think this may be their best team up since this book began in '11


    1. I agree...I also really liked issue #10- the fantastic voyage issue with Ray Palmer

  3. I read this after watching the Batman v Superman trailer and I couldnt be happier right now. I hope towards the end we get a little banter back and forth like this between the two on the big screen.

  4. It's too bad Lobo's series didn't have anything like the aliens here - I just love the idea of Lobo hunting and killing intelligent 100 foot-tall aliens.