Friday, February 12, 2016

Top 5 Fridays: Top 5 Romantic Shipping in DC Television

Welcome back to another romance filled Top 5 Fridays! Last week we covered Bromances, and while everyone loves them, sometimes we want a little romance in our lives, especially during the Valentine's Day season. For fans, we find ourselves pairing off characters that could one day become a couple for our favorite comics and TV shows. We call this shipping, and we'll be covering that today. Now while people do pair off characters in comics as well, I will be only covering television as I really don't ship much in comics. However its not just the DC television shows, I'll be spanning to any show that was on the air. As per usual, this is my list so I apologize if you don't see a couple you like. ENOUGH TALK! Let's sail these ships...

5: Barry Allen and Caitlin Snow

I'm actually surprised how many wanted these two to actually be a thing. The moment she smiled for the first time when Barry confirmed he was okay after fighting Weather Wizard I, the fanbase zoomed out of the gate. Soon after you couldn't find screen caps and fanfictions of these two, and while I kinda knew it would not ever happen, I can see why it works. Both of them lost loved ones that drive them, both are scientists, and it's not to far fetched for nurses to fall in love with their patients. Add that to the fact that iris looked like she wasn't coming around and Linda was being Linda, and all Barry would need to do was thaw the frost off Snow. Plus let's face facts that drunk Caitlin scene is one of the most adorable things that ever happened on the show.

4:Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak

Talk about an underdog shipping huh? When she first joined the team, people just shrugged her off as if she was just a fill in for oracle, and to an extent, they were right to assume that. One of the most memorable parts of the Green Arrow character is his romance with Black Canary, and back during season 1 we had Laurel Lance all ready to be the leather clad lover (NOT LIKE THAT PERVOS!) Oliver was destined to have. During season 2 he got that in the form of Sara, and the Olicity fans wept...then something brought them the spark of hope: the season 2 finale, when he tells felicity how important she is to him. Then finally in season 3 the romance comes to fruition and at season 4 they will be getting married. This broke the continuity, but I personally enjoy it, proving you don't need to kick ass physically to win the hero.

3: Raven and Beast Boy

There's an old manner of thinking: Opposites attract. I don't think that is any more true in the case of these two. Beast boy is a comedic laid back and pretty extroverted character with some fun powers to boot. Raven is mysterious, straight to the point, and pretty introvert with some creepy powers to go along with it. However despite their differences they end up improving the other. Beast Boy opens Raven up more and Raven makes him a bit more serious. You see him trying to comfort her when she goes through hell, and she joins him in fun shenanigans. If it weren't for Terra, we would have probably seen this match for sure.

2: Green Lantern and Hawkgirl

Had to dust this old ship off when I found it. When I think back to this couple I try and think of another before them...but I couldn't. This was the first couple I ever saw in an animated show that wasn't married. Their relationship grew over time and felt genuinely human. I remember as a kid when Shayera consoled John after the loss of the Justice Guild of America, despite her disdain for them and the time period they were from. I remember how John pushed her out of the building as joker's bomb in Las Vegas went off. However the most important moment...I remember when we met Warhawk for the first time, and despite their fighting and resentment for one another since the first show's finale, seeing Warhawk gave a little hope to my favorite DCAU couple. To those who think what about Batman and Wonder Woman, I didn't really see a future with them, mainly because of Batman being Batman.

1: Superboy and Miss Martian 

Young Justice could have been the second coming of deeper animated shows. It had great story, fantastic action, and most importantly relatable characters. One of my favorite characters during season one was Miss Martian. With her silly, but sweet way she handled Earth, she seemed like the perfect girl for any guy...Superboy is practically the opposite. He is aloof, angry, and really doesn't fit in well...but that's when Miss Martian began to talk to him. Out of the rest of the team, she was able to see past the anger, the confusion, and began to feel something. It literally is how regular teens fall in love. They don't need to save one another, the relationship just built naturally. She made him feel normal and he made her feel at home and that's why I love this ship.

That's it for this week's Top 5 Friday! Whats your favorite romantic shipping? Leave a comment and have a wonderful Valentines Day!


  1. Good list, Big fan of all these relationship. Except for Barry & Caitlynn, that's because it's the only ship on this list that never happened. All the other did, Beast Boy & Raven happened in the comics. And while it was on Conner & Megan did work for me. My favorite on the list though has to be John Stewart and Hawk girl, it happened in 3 Different shows. Justice League, Justice League unlimited and Batman beyond.

  2. I came here expecting Batman/Wonder Woman; and I left disappointed. :(

    1. I know people are nuts about that one, but I couldn't stand it. Batman seems like the person least suited to a relationship, and I always preferred WW and Steve Trevor. It felt genuine in ways that her relationship with Batman and Superman never did.

      Personally, I'm surprised Wally and Artemis didn't make the list. Beautiful ship.

    2. because i blocked it out cuz of what happened to wally....*cries out in pain because instant remembering!!!*

      and yeah thats my issue with Batman/WW too, sure in the show we saw him do things that made it clear he does want a relationship...but then there was the episode where they were all kids and the way he acted towards wonder woman both before and after he changed made me realize it would never happen.