Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #3 Review

Totally Awesome Teamup

Written by: James Tynion IV
Art by: Freddie E. Williams II and Tom Napolitano
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: February 10, 2016

I'll admit it, when I first heard about this crossover, I laughed out loud.  It sounded so ridiculous (maybe not as crazy as the MIB/22 Jump Street movie), but I can't really say why.  Maybe it's because the current run of Batman has been so serious under Scott Snyder, but really, this is kind of a match made in Heaven...Fanboy Heaven!  Seriously, it's taking two ridiculously popular franchises and mashing them together for everyone to enjoy.  What can be wrong with that?  After reading the first two issues of the series, my answer to that is "not much".  James Tynion and Freddie Williams not only have nailed the characterizations of every character involved, but have given readers a great premise for why everything is happening.  Last issue ended with the Turtles entering the Batcave and if that didn;t make you smile, you might as well stop reading comics.  So, does this issue continue the fun and do we finally get the teamup we've all been waiting for?  Let's find out...

While I was really looking forward to seeing the Turtles playing around in the Batcave, I had to wait a bit because the issue opens with Shredder and the Penguin.  It looks like everything is ready to send the Foot Clan and their ruthless leader back to their universe which suits the Penguin just fine. Problem is, Shredder has other plans.  He's ready to leave, but like the awesome villain he is, he is planning on returning and ruling both cities.  Luckily, Batman shows up and delays things a bit and he's brought friends..."Totally Awesome Teamup!"  We don't get much of it, however, because we go back two hours earlier to see how all of this came about.  Wait...that means Turtles in the Batcave so I am so okay with that!

The thing that I think makes this series so good is how much care James Tynion takes to make things fit just right.  There have been multiple references that put this series in the regular continuity and we see it again here with Bruce and Alfred (who is so great) mentioning Zero Year.  It's a nice little touch, but not as good as the alarm that someone is in the Batcave.  Can you see the smile on my face through the computer screen?  You should because it's that big.

The Turtles in the Batcave is just as good as you'd imagine.  Michelangelo is riding the Dinosaur, Donatello looks like he's about to propose to the Bat Computer...and then it's all interrupted by Batman and his is pretty pissed.  Instead of fighting, however, we get some story background.  It's nothing mind shattering (Krang!), but it was nice to see and hear.  Then it's back to the "Totally Awesome Teamup!"

The battle is quick and filled with the usual great Turtle back and forth, but it ends with Shredder showing everyone how badass he really is.  Seriously, if you were afraid that the Turtle Universe would make a joke of Gotham, you were dead wrong...DEAD WRONG!  Team Baturtle (how's that sound?) ends up taking a pretty serious blow, but that may just be the least of their worries...the Teleporter has been destroyed and the issue ends with a "Totally Villainous Teamup!"

If you have been enjoying this series up to now, you will love it that much more now.  This is the issue that I thought of when this book was announced and it can only get better from here on out.  If you aren't a fan of the Turtles, Batman or a "Totally Awesome Teamup!", then I don't think this issue will change your mind and you have no soul.

Freddie E. Williams II nails the art in this book.  It is definitely more Turtles than Batman and that works just fine.  The panel layout is simple and easy to follow and everything just looks great.

Bits and Pieces:

This is another great chapter in a surprisingly great crossover series.  The writing and art are so true to the characters that if you have any interest in either franchise, you will certainly enjoy this.  Each issue is getting better and the way this one ends, the fun is just beginning.  Highly Recommended.


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