Wednesday, March 30, 2016

iZombie Season 2 Episode 16 “Pour Some Sugar, Zombie” Review and **SPOILERS**

Director: Mairzee Almas
Diane Ruggiero-Wright
Release Date: March 29, 2016 

Let’s catch up!

When we last left our heroes the darkness was setting in. Blaine was dying and took the experimental serum created by Ravi. Ravi was slaving away on the new zombie cure. Major was still marking Zombies for the good folks at Max Rager. The good folks at Major suffered a huge set back when Vaughn’s daughter Glinda/Rita was attacked and turned to a zombie. Drake was drugged by Major and tossed into the trunk of his Chaos killer mobile and Liv was broken hearted offering a voice over about sadness. 
Explain It!

Right of the bat we jump into the tense end of the pool, when the recently zombie Glinda/Rita on the hunt for nourishment, jimmies the lock to Liv’s crib to try to raid her brain stash but not before an ominous pair of black boots appear behind the open refrigerator door. Glinda/Rita is about to get got bruh. It is the head of security at Max Rager, he doses Glinda/Rita with the same knock out drops Major uses to take down his zombies, then hoists her over his shoulder and breads the fuck out but not before dropping the David Foster Wallace bandana that Glinda/Rita was rocking to look all riot girl and shit.

Luckily our girl Liv was in the shower and missed out on the action, though she seemed to be somewhat nonplused that there was a fucking bandana that didn’t belong to her in the middle of the floor. I guess this is prone to happen when your bestie and the rest of your crew come in with all your besties shit in boxes because your bestie is moving back in.  Peyton is back in the crib yall!  This leads to a white people celebration of drinking Bud Light and telling each other which cast member of friends they remind them of. White people suck.

We are fortunately spared from them getting a few too many beers deep and accidently blurting some racist shit about Clive when Peyton gets a distressed call from Cassidy a stripper who Peyton she has been trying to get to turn states against her boyfriend and current Mr. Boss underboss Nick the Stick. Cassidy found out Nick was giving said stick to another girl at the club and she was ready to give up all the goods on Nick, including the location of the stash house. Unfortunately just as she is about to spill the beans she gets brained with a tire iron in a drive by from unknown assailant.

We all know where this is going next yeah? Liv is gonna have to house them brains to help Peyton find the stash house. So Liv makes a sweet looking brain based BLT while Peyton stands over her like your moms when she is watching you to make sure you do your homework. Fucking Peyton, stop being a helicopter homey!

In order to get Peyton off her back, Liv suggests they hit the strip club to trigger some visions. I tried this last night with the wife and she just gave me major side-eye. Shit doesn’t work fellas.

They hit the club that Cassidy worked at before she got her melon cracked. I would like to point out a major production flaw that just doesn’t sit right with me, the strip club music was “Talk Dirty To Me” by Poison, and I feel for the sake of accuracy it should have been Warrant’s “Cherry Pie”, but that’s just me, I am a stickler for details bro.

At the club Liv and Peyton run into no other than Seattle’s resident freak and weatherman Johnny Frost, because of course they do. Johnny Frost loves all things decadent. Turns out that Johnny was seen having beef with Cassidy because he thought she ran up $45k on his secret credit card (the one he uses to hide strip clubs, porn site memberships, etc from his wife). He confronted her about it, but swore that he didn’t kill her. Liv gets bumped by a stripper which triggers her stripper brain to bring the ruckus. She chases old girl down to the bathroom and while banging on the stall door triggers a vision of the stash house. Maybe now Peyton can finally back the fuck off. 

Eventually Peyton, Liv and Clive crack the case, it was one of the other girls at the club who was giving it up to a grip of Mr. Boss' guys as strippers will do. 

What was happening with the rest of the crew you ask?  TONS BRO!!!!!!

Blaine, fresh off of giving himself Ravi's experimental zombie cure, appears to be cured of the zombie, but unfortunately the new cure comes with a major side effect, it wipes your memory clean. 

Major? well he is busy being weird with Ravi about the contents of his safe, and then being cagey about the dog he suddenly had, then lost when Ravi notices a very similar looking dog in a picture of one of the victims of the Chaos Killer in an expose in the local paper. 

Drake is still missing causing Liv to dig around and visit his mom duke who is beside herself with grief. She shares a photo album with Liv that includes a picture of Drake on the day he graduated from the police academy and lets it slip that he has been undercover with Mr. Boss.

Ravi can't shake his bad feeling about about Major and that fucking safe. So he decides to crack it and finds the tools of Major's trade, including the notebook where he kept the detailed notes on his victims. It takes him a while, but he finally cracks the code and learns that Major is the Chaos Killer. Major, on the verge of a breakdown, briefly starts to zombie out and then slumps to the floor. Ravi doses that bitch with whatever the fuck potion Major was using to drug his victims and we fade to black. 


Bits and Pieces:

Liv gets the line of the night when responding to a weepy ass stripper with this classic zinger “It’s like a fricking Adele concert in here”.

After getting lulled into a coma by last night’s trash heap of an episode of CW’s The Flash, Pour Some Sugar, Zombie was the perfect palette cleanser. They just refuse to fuck around with dull ass episodes for the sake of an episode. Week in and week out some major shit jumps off and leaves you screaming at the TV for more.

If I wasn’t family’d up already I would totally try to move into Rob Thomas’ basement and sit around in my underwear all day waiting for him to come downstairs to take bong rips and play Madden with me. 

On a scale of 1-10 I give this episode a:
The smell of McDonald’s French fries when you are famished 

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