Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Five Chapter #15 Review

Martyr Law

Written by: Brian Buccellato
Art by: Bruno Redondo, Juan Albarran, Rex Lokus and Wes Abbott
Cover Price: $0.99
Release Date: March 29, 2016

Injustice  has been moving along at a slower pace due to the longer length of this final Year and while it took me a while to get used to it, I'm starting to enjoy it.  All it took was a good couple issues focusing on my second favorite Robin, Damian Wayne, to get me pumped and ready to roll.  This week starts the "Revolutionary" story and it indeed feels like the real beginning of the story.  Does that mean that this issue also kicks ass?  Let's find out...

This week opens with Superman and Cyborg discussing the Regimen's plans going forward.  I can't say that it started out exciting, but that changed very quickly once Cyborg presented nine candidates to join Superman's all-star villain squad.  I'm going to let a picture tell a thousand words  nine names...

Yea, those are some heavy hitters...and Girder.  I kid because I care!  The scene ends with Cyborg confirming he's sent the files to Lex which is awesome in a "I know something you don't know" kind of way and Cyborg telling Superman about a little resistance group in Gotham with a Joker fetish.  Yea, that's not something that Superman is going to take lightly.

We then slow things down as we head to Wayne Manor where Alfred is getting ready to eat dinner while he keeps his long distance relationship with Bruce alive.  This is one of those nice moments that Buccellato is sneaking into this Year's narrative to show the personal side of these characters before the shit hits the fan.  After last week's issue, I'm really scared for Alfred's life which could make this scene even more touching down the line.

While he hasn't made the trip to Gotham yet, Superman makes his presence known with an iron fist announcement that pretty much takes away any personal freedom that Gothamites have left and of course, that doesn't go over well...especially with Bard and his growing resistance.

The rest of the issue shows a gathering of the resistance and no matter where you stand on the matter, you have to agree that the party crashers who show up are awesome.  The issue ends on a cliffhanger that is interesting enough, but hardly the only reason I will be picking up next week's issue.

I have been front and center is saying that Brian Buccellato's run on Injustice has been a bumpy, up and down ride.  Sometimes it feels that he digs into the Injustice Playbook and that's when an issue ends up feeling generic and off.  However, when he takes his time to explore the human side of his characters (the last three issues are great examples), the book really cooks and is as good as anything Tom Taylor gave fans.  Overall, he has done a good job and it really feels like he is saving the best for last.

This issue isn't perfect, mind you. as it is mostly setup and there is little to no payoff this week.  I guess that's my impatience making it's usual appearance since I already mentioned that this is a long Year and we are really just getting our feet wet.

I don't know if any of you out there has been with me since I first started reviewing Injustice way back in Year One, but if you have then it's no surprise that I love Bruno Redondo's art and this issue is no exception.  I don't foresee any exception on that front any time soon so it's safe to say that if you see Redondo on the cover, Jim is going to be happy.  I am very happy this week and if you have eyes that work better than Eric's, I'm sure you will be as well.  Of course, I have to mention the others on the art team...Juan Albarran, Rex Lokus and Wes Abbott, I love you guys too!

Bits and Pieces:

This chapter of Injustice is full of setup, but Brian Buccellato continues his recent trend of showing the men and women behind the War and that's what makes it so compelling.  It finally feels like Buccellato has gained his footing and he is writing his own story.  Bruno Redondo swoops in and kicks ass on art and it all makes for a really good chapter that I can recommend to fans of this series.



  1. Next issue will be pretty heartbreaking, I think. That whole building (except for one person) is toast.

  2. Because my obsession with Damian/Dick relationship, I really hoped that Bruno would draw last chapter, which was probably Deadwing's last show.
    But, this chapter, I couldn't ask for more. I have waited and waited to see Bruce smile again, and now my heart beats like the wings of the birds. He's so sweat, and heart-breaking. I would do anything for him, if there's any chance.
    In Batman V Superman movie, there's a dream scene where Superman ripped Bruce's heart out violently, could that be an Injustice Universe implication?

    1. he is definitely heading to do that figuratively! Bad things are about to go down

    2. I was definitely looking for the Regime logo during the nightmare sequence. A couple of the trucks had something close, but it wasn't a match.

    3. would have been such a cool easter egg if it did!