Monday, May 23, 2016

5 Questions With...Darryl "D.M.C." McDaniels

This is pretty much a dream come true for me.  Eric nailed it on the podcast last week when he said that a little Jim Werner's mind would have been blown if he knew that one day, he'd get to actually talk to Darryl McDaniels.  It's funny, because if we jumped into the wayback machine and went back to, say 1984, little Jim would probably be in his room, listening to RUN-DMC, trying to breakdance and...well, actually, he'd probably look like a fool.  But a fool with a smile on his face and laceless adidas on his feet.  Well, actually he might be sporting Zips which we all know, were nowhere close to being cool.  How did this interview become a walk down awful memory lane?!?!   Let's get on with the Five Questions before I start crying...

1. What are you working on now and/or is coming out soon? 

New LPs are droppin soon, Single off my collab LP due next year  is out now, it's called "Flames" with @JohnMoyerBass and @MylesKennedy and full length LP with my new band Fragile Mortals with @rob_dukes this summer, first song "Suicide" to go with my book 10 Ways Not To Commit Suicide in July

2. What did comic books mean to you growing up and how have they influenced you as a rapper and a person?

Comic books inspired motivated educated and created me as The Mighty King Of Rock! My presence my power my flow my look my rhyme writing and my techniques on stage are all because  of comic books. I learned to draw read and write because of comic books and they empowered me to be a great student and the all time great on the mic!!!!

3. Were you a Marvel or DC kid growing up and who is your favorite comic book character of all-time?

 Its Marvel all the way because Stan Lee had superheroes in NYC! Spidey is from Queens....I'm from Queens! POW Superhero shit!!!! The Incredible Hulk! I feel for him! Its a blessing and a curse what Bruce goes thru! The Hulk is hounded and chased by the General, and The Hulk is like me....I'm a very nice guy, but you don't want to make D mad!

4. What would DMC (the rapper and the superhero) have done if he saw a little white kid getting beaten up because he “accidentally” listened to Rapper’s Delight playing from a boombox some kid had tied to his bike with rope?

 As the rapper I would of stopped the incident from escalating, made dude apologize and let him know Rock n Roll n Hip Hop are all from the same place! Rock Box King Of Rock and Walk This Way Proves that! The Superhero "DMC" would have made him eat the boombox!!!!!

5. Give me the comic book characters who would best fit each member of RUN DMC and why

There's only one superhero in Run-DMC! Me! Don't let anyone know but I'm REALLY a superpowered being, this Hip Hop music thing is just a cover!

6. Who was scarier to work with: the Elf from the Christmas in Hollis Video, Larry Bud Melman or Steven Tyler?

Larry Bud! This dude was very unpredictable! I thought he was my arch enemy disguised as some dude from The David Letterman show! He was very friendly and kool but had beady eyes and a scary laugh!

7. Have you ever gone to Breakdown Records on Union turnpike?

No what's that? I go to Union Turnpike often though! Just did an event on comics and Hip Hop with my friend Greg Pak!

-note: Reggie made me ask Darryl this... I think he is looking to get some sort of kickback!

8. Why was Jay so angry at LL Cool J  in Krush Groove?  He almost shot him!

LL was and still is a one man wreckin crew! He existed in an era of groups by himself! Jay didn't want this kid stealing Runs shine! i wasn't worried cause nobody defeats The King!!!! LOL

9. As a huge RUN DMC fan growing up, I always wanted to be a rapper, but I could never come up with good lyrics.  Can you finish this for me, “My name is Spoon James and I’m here to say…”

I see the moon I change and they run away
The year of the wolf I am just like Lemmy
They try and they try but the never can end me!!!

note: Life Complete!!!

10. Did Run split that million dollars that Santa sent him with you 
and Jay?     

Nope...he went and bought a mansion and a rolls

11. Did you guys get the girl in the It's Tricky video help for her 3 card monty addiction or just get her a new gold chain and tell her to lose your number?

We gave her her chain back....but penn n Teller turned it into a snake and it bit her and she died! : {

I really want to thank Darryl for taking some time out to answer my nonsense and I hope he knows what a dream come true it really was.  I'm Spoon James and I'm here to say...I see the moon I change and they run away... Awesome!!!

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