Wednesday, May 25, 2016

DC Universe: Rebirth Splash Page Welcomes Heroes and Villains...

Can You Name Them All?!?

To celebrate the beginning of Rebirth, DC Comics has released this splash page by Ivan Reis, Joe Prado and Hi-Fi and challenged fans to see if they can name all the characters on it.  I usually have to go to Reggie for such things and will defer to him once again.  Hey, Reggie...Who the hell are all these crazy people in this picture?  


  1. i can do it... but let's see if someone else does it first XD

    1. Lex Luthor, super woman, jessica cruz simon baz, donna troy, wonder woman, atom, batgirl, red hood, bizarro, deadman, aleka, wally west, clayface, tempest, huntress, captain boomerang, nightwing, robin, black canary, etrigan, killer croc, zatanna, batwoman deadshot, bumblebee, arsenal, ragman, kid flash, constantine, superboy, firestorm, guy gardner, hal jordan, john stewart, flash, beastboy, damien wayne, enchantress, katana, el diablo, harley quinn, cassandra cain, spoiler, raven, swamp thing,vixen, green arrow, starfire, cyborg, kenan kong, ted kord, The Shazam Family(Freddy freeman, Mary batson, eugene, pedro, darla), supergirl, shazam, martian manhunter, mera, aquaman, batman, superman

      ...and this is why you brought me on in the first place*mic drop*

    2. I think it's Gnark from Titans Hunt. The Titans are scattered around in the back of the picture.

    3. oh shit i missed him good eye XD