Thursday, May 26, 2016

Deathstroke #18 Review

You're Next!

Written by: James Bonny
Art by: Paolo Pantalena, Arif Prianto and Dave Sharpe
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: May 26, 2016

I have been a big fan of Deathstroke though most of its run, especially since she James Bonny took the reigns.  So when I heard that it would  up until the continue through the summer up until the characters Rebirth in August, I put my usual irritation of new 52 books mixing and mingling with Rebirth ones aside and striped in for a wild ride.  I've mentioned it before, but I'll repeat myself...I enjoy this book every month because James Bonny keeps giving me an action movie comic and boy, I love action movies and I love comics.  I don't watch Bloodsport three times a week because of the acting chops of Pierre Rafini and I don't read Deathstroke to find out the answer to “Deathstroke is…”  Nope, I do both to have fun...bloody, limb breaking and severing fun.  We continue the story of Deathstroke doing right by his family and throwing Jericho and Ra’s al Ghul in the mix just ups the action ante.  Kind of like when Frank Dux met Jackson playing Karate Champ before the Kumite...Actually, it's nothing like it, but I get a quarter every time I reference Bloodsport.  I’ve already put two kids through college with my sweet, sweet Bloodsport money.  Now for the review of Deathstroke #18…

The issue opens up two months after last issue and Slade is more James Bond here than the Terminator.  He's gambling in Monte Carlo like a big shot and the only thing missing is a sexy Shirley Eaton or Eunice Gayson.  Anyone but Denise Richards...why would a nuclear physicist run around in a tank top and hot pants anyway?!?  That question will have to wait because we see that Slade is actually in Monte Carlo...with a few hours to kill.  He makes quick work of some Dead Bastards and sends his buddy, Victor, a message...he's coming to get him.  Yep, action movie goodness!

We then head to Nanda Parbat and check in with Ra’s and Slade’s progeny.  Jericho is his usual annoying self (sorry James, but nobody is getting me to like him), but Rose is awesome.  She still has daddy issues and is taken them out on a training dummy.  I know that Lawman was using her deep rooted anger at her Father, but I thought maybe she would feel different now that Slade fought off a million enemies and almost died to save her.  I was wrong.

While dummy beat down is going on, Ra’s al Ghul is working Deathstroke hard and heavy to join his fun-time League of Assassins, but it's interrupted by Rose being controlled once again by Lawman who makes her fight Deathstroke.  It was a bad plan overall because no one dies and Jericho uses the mental link to locate Lawman.  Good old Jericho...I still freaking hate him!

The issue continues by introducing a new villain who is the one behind it all.  Her name is Mystasia and we don't get much of her this issue, but we see that her powers set falls nicely in the “name says it all” comic trope that always makes me giggle.  Besides that, we get Deathstroke and Rose kicking major ass, Snakebite showing he is one of the worst flip floppers ever and Lawman continuing to get inside any available young woman.  That sounds dirtier than it should so I won't explain it any further.

This month ends with Jericho messing everything up (okay, he didn't have a choice and was trying to save his sister) and Ra’s al Ghul taking advantage of the situation and man, he goes for the gusto!  

Another month another fun time reading Deathstroke.  James Bonny had me at “Dead” and didn't let up until the end.  Throwing Ra’s al Ghul into the book just ups the action movie feel and I can't wait to see what Slade does to keep out out of his slimy clutches.  If you like to have some action packed fun in your comics now and again, give this book a try.  It's like when Jean Claude was doing that split and Donald Gibb walked in on him in its not. Cha-ching!

I liked Paolo Pantalena’s art in this issue save one thing.  A lot of the big scenes happened in little panels.  He may have had to fit more action in this issue than usual, but I wish there was more big panels and spreads.  It's like, I've made enough on this review already.  Like I said, the art is good, just that by the end I really couldn't tell you anything stuck out or stayed with me.

Bits and Pieces:

James Bonny and Deathstroke come through again and give fans a little James Bond beginning before getting down to the bloody business at hand. Slade is going to right the wrongs of everyone who did him wrong and if liking it is wrong, I don't want to be right. Say that five times fast! If you like this book and it's lead, you know what to expect and will surely enjoy it. If you are not a fan, this issue won't change that and you are probably someone who sits around wondering, "What the hell is a dim mak?" CHA-CHING!!!



  1. What was the point of this issue, couldn't Ra's just fix Rose before the battle, this issue was a filler and waste of time

    1. But then Deathstroke would have been his bitch! I liked it more than a lot of the other books going through their last arcs before their Rebirth books hit.

      And idiot Jerico injured her during the battle

    2. I normally love Deathstroke but just because the other books leading into rebirth are such shit doesn't mean that this book gets to have a pass because it is a moderately OK issue instead of being a fantastic action movie like usual