Sunday, May 22, 2016

Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Episode 72: Just Imagine

It's another long one when Jim and Eric are joined by Reggie, Chris, Branden, Dancing Mike, Rocky and more!  It is obvious that Jim and Eric just want Rebirth to get here yesterday, but they still plow through all of this week's DC Comics releases as well as talking about this week's news, reading listener mail and a bunch of other nonsense.  Enjoy!

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DC Comics Reviewed: Superman/Wonder Woman #29, Wonder Woman #52, Superman: American Alien #7, Titans Hunt #8, Martian Manhunter #12, Aquaman #52, Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death #5, Harley Quinn #28, Future Quest #1, Adventures of Supergirl #9, Injustice: Year Five #22, The Legend of Wonder Woman #26, Sinestro #23, Robin: Son of Batman #12, Doctor Fate #12

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  1. Loved the Reggie and Chris segment, keep up the great work on comics history guys. What abut doing a segment about Convergence and what they go wrong or right in regards to DC history??

    1. Hmm we have a few things in mind for upcoming segments but it does sound like a fun exercise! I'll run it by Chris. Thanks for the kind words, Manship!