Friday, May 27, 2016


Well, I guess it was a hit after all, shocking!!!  While it is no surprise at all, I guess the announcement of a second printing coming so soon might be.  I don't know about the Print Industry at all.  I imagine some squinty eyed, mole looking dude in a dark basement busy putting letters together to make a  forme and placing it in the coffin.  Yea, I just looked that up on Wikipedia.  I do wish that I I could run into said basement and yell, "Stop the presses" and ruin that guy's whole day.  I'm a jerk like that!  Also, can I get a hat with a "Press" card attached to it?  Those are so cool!!!  Maybe someday, but in the meantime, here is DC Comics official Press Release with may or may not contain some pretty dead on balls accurate quotes...


New Edition Available June 8 Featuring Updated Cover, Square Bound Format

Released on May 25, the DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH SPECIAL debuted to incredible fan response and critical acclaim:

“Reading Rebirth feels like coming home again” –

“If this is any indication as to what we can expect in the Rebirth titles, it’s going to be a fantastic time to read DC Comics.” –

The following are not part of the official press release...but they should be:

"It's my favorite Birth ever...and I have five kids!" - Jim Werner

"...who doesn't enjoy a good pinata?" - Eric Shea

"Where is my Doom Patrol Book?!?" -Reggie

"Please don't tell my wife what I said earlier!" -Jim Werner

Back to the "Official" Press Release:

DC Entertainment is proud to announce that this 80-page blockbuster, written by Geoff Johns with art by Ethan Van Sciver, Gary Frank, Phil Jimenez and Ivan Reis is headed into its second printing, featuring updated cover art (by Gary Frank) and a new, square bound format at a price of $5.99. This version will be produced in limited quantities and are sure to go fast once they hit retailers on Wednesday, June 8!

This epic tale of legacy, love, life, return of a much beloved character and an ending that NOBODY saw coming is the gateway for DC’s line wide title re-launch beginning June 1. With 17 titles shipping twice monthly and an additional 14 monthly titles, all at a new lower price of $2.99. REBIRTH is a return to the themes of optimism, hope and incredible superhero storytelling that has made DC and its characters the favorite of fans the world over for more than 80 years! 


  1. If Reggie was actually called Craig instead of toting around his huckleberry name he'd now that Doom Patrol is coming on Young Animal. Has Weird Science talked about Young Animal yet? It looks like it might be really good fun.

    1. It was actually a joke and yes, we have heard of it, Reggie will be reviewing it and Eric doesn't actually like pinatas and I really have 8 kids.

  2. nice. I'm all in on young animal so I will look forward to read along with reggie.

    sorry to hear eric doesnt like pinatas. maybe if they will filled with cigarettes?

    1. lol!!! That might change his attitude

    2. This is some bullshit!........... I love pinatas