Monday, May 2, 2016

My Favorite Things w/o May 2, 2016 - Just For the Hell of It Mondays

Lists bruh!

Muthafuckers love lists! It is pretty much what the internet was made for. Well that and for the Government to look in on you and find out what kind of weird kinks you have based on your porn searches as a means to suppress anti-government activism. 

Who knew your love of double amputee milfs would be a source of shame?!?!?!?

My Favorite Things is what I hope to be my long running “For the Hell of It Mondays” column. Pretty self-explanatory. A list of shit I like this week. Ok let’s get started.
  1. SAMMUSThis rapper out of Ithaca, NY has been at the top of my playlist for the past few weeks, she is the Ying to my WESTSIDE GUNN yang. SAMMUS is the perfect melding of upbeat rap music that is actually kind of dark and sad, nerd shit, and unbridled rap skills. You can pick up her stellar new EP Infusion here. Since this is a comic book site and we are all a bunch of fucking nerds, I suggest starting with my favorite song from the EP “Mighty Morphing".
  2. Beyonce-centric Illuminati Videos: WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!!!!!!!!!! Queen Bey is ushering in the Age of the Anti-Christ!!!!

  3. Unfriended: I must have passed this movie on HBOGO about 90 times before hunkering down based on the recommendation of Bill Simmons during his interview with Key and Peele. Simple concept, someone hacks into a group Skype sesh and starts killing teenagers. Sounds fucking awful, but it is genuinely creepy and unsettling. I highly recommend getting blanketed up on the couch and hunkering down.

  4. NFL Fans: Nothing brings me more joy than the sheer authority of NFL fans around Draft Day, they take bullshit ass Mock Drafts as gospel, get genuinely offended when someone has a difference of opinion as to which shit head college LB their team should take, and they all react like the world just ended when their team doesn’t select their secret man-crush. I mean seriously, look at these assholes in the comment section.
  5. Words Hurt – Fuck That Pretty Boy Shit: My new album dropped this week. Yeah a little self-promotion, shameless? Sure. Do I care if you think I am a sell-out hack? No, because even with this blatant attempt to take your dollars based on my prodigious rap skills, I am still less of an asshole than Barry Allen.

Till next week, enjoy what I enjoy.


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