Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Legend of Wonder Woman Chapter #20 Review


Written by: Renae De Liz
Art by: Renae De Liz and Ray Dillon
Cover Price: $0.99
Release Date: March 24, 2016

The next phase of Legend of Wonder Woman is upon us and I am pretty pumped up about it.  No, I'm not talking about Wonder Woman and her increasing rogues, I'm talking about the upcoming gala where hopefully, Etta takes care of Pamela Smuthers once and for all.  I can't wait to see the look on her smug face when she realizes that she traveled all the way to Europe to be put in her place.  Well, I was actually lying, I also want to see Wonder Woman fight some big bads as well.  Luckily, I get a bit of both this issue, but was it good?  Let's find out...

The chapter opens with a reunion of the Holliday Girls.  Yea, I can't explain how they got to Europe during the war and then kind of wrecked a tank, but it makes Etta happy and that's alright with me.  It all leads to a run in with Lawrence Stone (he's so got the hots for Etta!) and Steve Trevor.  While the Gals head off to get ready for the gala, Steve and Diana get better acquainted.

Actually, Steve is as awkward with the fairer sex than I am so instead of actually getting to know Diana, he teaches her how to fly a plane.  Really!  It's funny, but I have to admit, it was very cute.  I have to remember that move then next time I meet an Amazon Princess and have a spare bomber around.

Steve does eventually open up a bit and reveals more of what he remembers from his time on Themyscira.  It's not much, actually more of a dream than anything else, but we see that he is already making a connection with how he felt then and how he feels with Diana.  Unfortunately, the great moment is interrupted when Diana gets a direct invitation to party it up in Athens.  I may not understand what "party it up" really means.

When Wonder Woman shows up, Athens is not in the trouble that she thought it was, but it doesn't take long for trouble to find her in the form of the Duke of Deception.  Up until now, I liked the Duke as a villain, though I never really thought of him as much of a threat to Wonder Woman.  That ends now!

The chapter ends with Diana getting the snot kicked out her and the real chance that the Duke is no liar...this first fight may be the last.  Okay, I know that Wonder Woman is not going to die, but it sounded like such a good way to end that part of my review.  Wonder Woman is in bad shape and I am looking forward to seeing how she gets out it.  See, that's not as dramatic as the first one, so go back and read that sentence again before moving on.

If you have been reading any of my reviews for this book than you know how much I love Etta.  I am so glad that the Holliday Girls are with her again, but they were kind of forced into the story.  In fact, the first half of the story was a bit forced as well, but I will forget about it going forward because I liked what it gives us.  The second part of the story was simply awesome.  The Duke of Deception has revealed himself to be a terrible threat and the chapter ends with a bloody and broken Wonder cool is that?!?!  

The art kind of goes down the lines of a tale of two stories as well.  The first part is filled with great character models, but the second half looks incredible and steals the show.  Renae De Liz's pencils and Ray Dillon's colors each fight it out to see which is best, but in the end, the beautiful result makes us all winners.  Bang! Call Now that should be on the cover!

Bits and Pieces:

This chapter may start out a bit forced, but ends with an incredible display of the Duke of Deception's power.  The art finishes up strong and it all has me wondering how Wonder Woman will get away from, let alone defeat, the Duke.  We also get the beginnings of the Holliday Girls reunion tour and an impromptu flight lesson that certainly won't "vanish" in the future.  Yes, I hope it leads to the Invisible Jet.  Please, let it lead to the Invisible Jet!


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