Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Why has Dan Didio Dissapeared from Twitter?

Have you seen this man?  Well, he certainly has disappeared off of Twitter and while that can mean a whole lot of things, with the recent reemergence of the sexual harassment allegations against Eddie Bergenza, this guy thinks something is up.  Ever since Shelly Bond was fired from Vertigo, Didio's twitter account had been bombarded with tweets calling for both Bergenza and Didio to be fired and while that might lead some to believe Dan has deleted his account to "get out of the kitchen", I have found him to be more of a stand up kind of guy than that.

I have contacted various people at DC, but  nobody has returned my call as of now, but if I hear anything, I'll be back to let everyone know.

8:30 PM: Still no official word on what is going on.  I'm sure that other outlets will pick up the story and use their clout to get to the bottom of things.  Just remember where you heard it first!

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